Magical Reality Creation

We may have a feeling about something, or someone, or a situation…  And then… we can feel things change.

Something has been happening. Some of us are sensing it—a softer reality emerging—gentle, loving, expansive…

We find it easier to see one another as a higher version of ourselves.

And it’s not so difficult to continue to invite one another into this space rather than judging each other.

It’s easier to give one another the time and space (since we’re still, to some extent, believing in linearity) to move into a more expanded version of self. This of course cannot be forced.

There might be moments we’re not certain how to navigate…we might be thinking or feeling something and we feel it’s time to speak. Or maybe not.

The heart knows how to evaluate the situation. We might find that what we were thinking an hour or even a moment ago no longer applies. And we might even discover that it’s not about what we were thinking at all…

Our reality can change in a heartbeat when we’re able to see a higher potential—that can at times feel magical—and then continue to call this reality forth.

We are an integral part of this creation.

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We are the ones creating our reality…

with our imagination, with a vision of beauty that we hold in our hearts, as we discard limiting beliefs of one another and ourselves;

seeing one another in a new way;

holding our highest version of what we create;

residing in a space we call lightness of being, a space filled with the passion for ascension, a space of wonder, with open hearts, a space of relaxation and joy.

This is magical reality creation—where everything is possible, where we see beauty unfold naturally.

We can either continue to expand this magical reality or limit it.

We’re learning discernment. We’re learning to navigate this path, our serious study of reality creation. Once we understand these basic principles, things are never quite the same.

And it’s not just about an AHA moment—those are beautiful, yes, yet a more precise indicator of our progress is how we can consistently apply these principles, keeping them in our awareness.

Somehow it feels that it’s about trusting one another;
not to place limiting beliefs upon ourselves.

The truth is that reality is fluid,
and becoming more fluid by the moment.

We are creating our reality in what we call the Now moment.

It’s not about ‘the past’ or ‘the future’ for they are only mental constructs. They exist only in our heads.

The entire construct of time is an illusion.

What is being described here is fertile ground for magic, depending upon what we choose.

01 Multidimensional being - energetic body - spirit and soul - meditation flower of life

Energy raises itself naturally—individually as well as collectively.

We find ourselves, naturally, more and more, emitting kindness, gentleness, and compassion for they’re also part of our reality creation.

As has been said before: it’s one thing to understand this as theory and quite another to experience it practically as part of the personal ascension process.

Let us see each other differently.

Let us see one another as the infinite being that we are all capable of becoming:

The highest version of ourselves.

And then, let us interact from this space.

Let’s just get over the personality thing—accepting the mind’s construct that is always an inverted version of the truth.

How? By simply applying these principles is how we will create real change—together.

As we at least begin to understand the way reality creation actually works, if we continue to choose consciousness, if we choose to consistently focus upon what we want to create and be vigilant in observing the mind’s attempts to convince us that none of this is true—which it will—we will see results.

This provides us a platform for our continued expansion on our path photo-12of personal ascension.

Our ‘new normal’…

And its WAY more fun!

We have much to share on this topic.

There just might be podcasts on our Subscriber section of The Rising Way where a group of us will speak about this in the hope that sharing our experiences will be helpful to you.

Thrilling! And we’re just getting started…

Can’t wait! We’re gonna rock!

Orchid Rising

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5 thoughts on “Magical Reality Creation”

  1. Lovely message, dear Orchid! <3 My feeling evoked by your gentle yet focused weaving of truthful practice on the ascension path and creating our very own magical reality is how natural this really is when focused through consciousness and the heart space. When we consciously hold this focus, get out of our own way, and actively step into creating our own magical reality, while staying vigilant and changing course when we do falter, the unnatural ego-mind-personality construct loses its grip. Looking forward to the podcasts! While simple, application is not always easy and there is much to dive into here! <3 Love, Amber

  2. Sweet Orchid, thank you for the beautiful and powerful reminders of living from our true selves. I love this “New Normal”. Namaste to your wise and gentle soul ! _/_

  3. Dear Orchid, thank you for expressing so eloquently one of the most important basic teachings on our ascension path. Yes, it takes continued vigilance to ward off unwanted thoughts that could make our reality less than magical, but it will pay off. The more we are able to maintain this state, the easier creation flows. It truly is a magical path, but it is up to us to make it so <3 Much love, Jasmine <3

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