SMILE: a Spiritual Tool to Transform Stress

In the words of the Siddha:

“A smile from the soul is spiritual relaxation.”

The Siddha suggests that we learn to smile in the sweet way of a child to make everything bright and beautiful around us.

Every time we smile at someone, we are bringing a beautiful gift of peace to that person. It brings sunshine into their lives.

A smile is the most inexpensive and most attractive cosmetic you can wear all day. It is the most beautiful jewel on the face, and it makes you the most attractive person in the world.

Smiling is a special language of humans. The more this language is practiced, the more love, joy, peace, happiness, and harmony are anchored on the Planet.

Smile for no reason, keep smiling even when people are not around, and you will be surprised.

Energetically, smiling attracts wisdom and joy into your life.

A smile is a very powerful spiritual tool. It anchors the timeless Presence of the higher dimensions. In our busy mechanical lives we forget this tool.

Have you ever noticed that when seeing a picture where people are smiling, it automatically makes us smile and brings happiness to that moment?

Any time when you feel that the energy around you is dense, you will notice that the moment you squeezed in a smile, the entire atmosphere within you and around you becomes lighter and full of ease.

Simply bring a smile to your face during any moment of stress, confusion, or an argument. Just do it and you will see the magic.

You can post a smiley face, write the word SMILE, or any other method of reminder near your bed, your work place, or on your fridge to remind you to smile and keep yourself in a place of ease and grace.

Choose to smile for no reason—just smile.

Smiling is a powerful gift that you can give yourself today. It is a tool for the instant transformation of stress.

Let us choose to practice this powerful and ancient Spiritual tool of smiling everyday at all times to bless our Planet and us!

May your moments bring many many smiles and joy into your space my sweet friends!

Premlatha Rajkumar

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8 thoughts on “SMILE: a Spiritual Tool to Transform Stress”

  1. Thank you, dear Premlatha <3 We should all know this, right? 🙂 All the same, we can forget this simple yet profoundly transformative practice unless we choose to creatie it as a wonderful habit in our Inner Peace toolbox. You have certainly brought a smile to my face! <3

  2. So true dearest Prematha—I wholeheartedly agree! A smile brings grace to any situation with the potential to transform us and all those around us. Thank you for bringing us a smile from your beautiful heart! Love <3

  3. Dearest sister, your article truly brings a huge smile to my face :). I find it interesting that the body will react to a smile whether it is faked or real; the movement of the muscles alone trigger the production of endorphins – happy hormones!
    What a beautiful gift to self and others and what an easy way to spread love. <3
    Big smile and much love, Jasmine 🙂 <3

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