JOY — The Grandest State of Being

“In an exuberant state of joy, you are at peace with everything about you. When you are in joy with life, you cannot feel remorseful or insecure, fearful, angry, or lacking.

In a state of joy you are fulfilled and complete, and life, wisdom, and creativity flow like a mighty river from within your being.

In a state of joy, you are inspired to the heights of greatness and the depths of feeling.”

— Ramtha ∞ The White Book

Joy could be our doorway to magic. Yet, in this 3D realm, it isn’t. Here on earth, joy is fleeting, a temporal and temporary happy fix induced by external and subconscious stimuli.

The illusion of joy is a mere copy of a state of being that is innate to humans, but because of the illusion of separation—the illusion that we would be cut off from our divinity—it is near to impossible to experience joy as a constant flow of akeneic energy.

Sometimes, when all the circumstances are just right, you might get a glimpse of being in a state of utter joy.

You might remember moments where you felt one with everything around you and in such peaceful stillness that you would have been unable even to utter a word. In those moments, there is no place for thoughts, fears, or doubts. You feel complete, and a lightness of being washes over you. You are in love and in joy with All That Is.

In my own experience, these moments of being in touch with our divinity are few and far between. No matter their frequency, however, I see these moments as being key to our awakening process. It could be the very first time that you realize that there is a lot more to you than you were made to believe.

The Council of Joy

This was very different in the times of the “ancient” Lemuria, when everything was still much more fluid and the Lemurians themselves had no notion of the concept of separation.

They knew that creation in itself was perfect and that creating something that would not be beautiful was not worth creating at all. It would be dishonoring to you, as the creator, because creating something less than perfect would mean that you believed yourself to be less than perfect.

So, to uphold the seven principles of creation, a Council was put in place, which consisted of seven governing entities that established the vibrations of beauty, joy, love, freedom, awareness, innocence, and nonsense.

Each of these principles contained the others within, for one could not be expressed without the others being present at the same time.

The Lemurians understood that joy—true, universal joy—is a constant. It is Akeneic Energy, meaning it is energy generated directly from the Akene, the heart kakra, which has the power to escape the Now moment, to expand beyond it, and to express itself forward and backward on your timeline. There is more information to be found about the Akene, the Akeneic Moment and Akeneic Energy in the articles, blogs, podcasts and videos on The Rising Way.

True, universal joy is a state of being. But even back in the Lemurian days there were those who sought joy outside of themselves. This is where the Council of Joy came in: to emit joy in a constant akeneic flow, gently reminding the ones who strayed to come back to the heart space.

The Council of Joy was responsible for keeping infinite beauty in place. Lemurians understood that one could not hold on to a creation. Creation becomes stale when one becomes attached to it. So when it would be noticed that society would become dependent on that which came before, the Council of Joy would hit the reset button, so to speak, so that that which came before would cease to exist. Therefore, realty could shift from one moment to another.

“The simplicity of joy lies in the realization that the act of creation does not have a beginning. Beauty cannot be perceived without joy.”

— Lemuaya ∞ The Lemurian Council, Part  1

Lightness of Being

The Lemurians knew of the importance of joy. It is the doorway to magic, to which love is the key.

When joy is within, you will see it reflected all around.

Joy is the lightness of being which makes reality bright and colorful. When you are in joy, everything comes alive. Your feeling intensifies. You smile for no apparent reason, and all you see is beauty.

“Joy is the freedom of movement without interruption. Joy is the freedom of expression without judgement. It is the freedom of being without fear or guilt.

Joy is knowing that you are creating life on your own terms. It is the sublime movement of self allowed.

That is joy.”

— Ramtha ∞ The White Book

I often imagine looking through the eyes of a child that knows no obligations or responsibilities, is carefree and full of curious wonderment about all of creation.

The other day I saw a video about a toddler that felt the rain on her skin for the first time. There was a look of sheer ecstasy in her eyes as she danced through the puddles with big droplets streaming down her face.

She was in love with life. She did not externalise joy and find it in the attributes around her—instead, she found it within.

This is the sort of joy I am talking about.

Being in joy is honoring the fact that you are alive.

When you are in joy, you flow with divinity. In this state, there is no place for jealousy, fear, greed, insecurity, lack or any other negative emotion. This is freedom: to express yourself in a way that makes you happy in any given moment, which is why joy is the grandest state of being, as Ramtha calls it.

You can only be in joy, however, when you truly love yourself and embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly in equal measure.

When you love who you are, nothing is impossible because you are in touch with your divinity, the god inside or whatever you want to call it. And the more you are in touch with your divinity, the more you emit joy. Because of holographic induction, this joy will immediately touch all of creation, as such raising the energy everywhere and every when. Joy begets joy.

Like everything on this ascension path, it takes a lot of deep soul searching to even understand what we are not. And the first thing to understand is that like most humans—if not all—we do not really love ourselves.

Without love for self, expansion is not possible.

Without love for self, we stay stuck in the illusions.

So when we find ourselves out of joy, we can go back to those moments of bliss, that feeling of being one and in love with Self and All That Is to come back to the heart space.

It is our purpose to be in joy, to be happy and free, and to live life to the fullest in every moment.

Let’s make joy our doorway to magic!

Jasmine Martin

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11 thoughts on “JOY — The Grandest State of Being”

  1. Isn’t the illusion of time quite something…? An infinite being from over 35.000 linear years ago (or 11.000, depending on which -alternative- timeline you’re on!) channels itself through a female from the 21st Century to, in the 80ies, write a book, which a female in 2014 uses a quote from to open an article she’s writing, while being on her way to becoming that infinite being who will eventually channel through that 21st Century female that very book that the 2014 female is quoting from. 🙂

    Huh… time-ey wine-ey wobbly-bobbly stuff! 😉

    <3 Joy to you, Jasmine, love to the impossible girl! <3

  2. That was really good Jasmine. After we develop a state of perpetual joy, the struggles of life are met with a different perspective. Resistance is left behind and a joyful heart is busily working with creation and resolutions. Joy is truly a grand state of being! 🙂

  3. An awakened Heart… and an ol’ Lemurian at that… (lol, I’m biased, what can I say…hihihi…) can truly express the meaning and momentum, the feeling and freedom that Joy elicits.
    Thank you Jasmine, for reminding us of the Grandness of Joy, splashed in the Heart Energy of Beloved Mu.

  4. Sweet Jasmine, thank you for your kindness in creating this beautiful explanation of JOY with simple words woven to bring profound meaning to the reader’s heart! As I was reading the instance about the child feeling the rain for the first time I am reminded of my daughter’s glee every time it rains. She cannot control herself , she will have to go out and play and dance and get drenched in the rain. I will watch her with so much joy, and when the rain stops she would come inside the house wet and wild. Once I asked her if she thanked the rain for giving her so much pleasure, I was amazed by her answer, she said, “no mumma, I did not thank the rain because… I am the rain”, this was when she was about 7 years old, she is now 20 years old and she is still dancing with the rain. Truly every moment of life is Joy to the human who chooses to live from the heart.
    Blessings and loving heart hugs to you my dear friend <3

    1. Dearest Premlatha, thank you for your beautiful sharing. What a blessing it must be to have a daughter who knows what life is all about! <3 And you know what? I have always loved to dance in the rain! Big hug, dear sister <3

  5. Thank you Jasmine for this beautiful message. Joy is our birthright and one of the building blocks of creation. We are all finding our way home. And thankfully we can share this journey with one another—there are moments when we can see this joy in the eyes of another and we remember….Step by step we are igniting unconditional joy in our own hearts and ultimately we naturally emit it. Much gratitude to be sharing this path with you! Love, Orchid <3

  6. Beautiful!!!! When joy and love for ourselves embrace our perception…then we are Home…we have arrived…finally!!!!


  7. I don’t think I have ever read a clearer description of Joy than this, dear Jasmine <3 As you say, beauty cannot be perceived without joy. I enJOYed every word and find your article stunningly beautiful! Much love, Amber <3

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