How Do I Manage Grief?

Today, a sweet friend asked me a profound question about the best ways to handle the death of a loved one in a way that honors both them and us…


This is a very important question that some others also have been asking at this time.

An exercise I have shared further on in my answer, from my book, helps not only to manage grief but also to clear agreements and release people when we need to.

We are energy beings and every action and every thought is a movement of the energy within us. We attract and merge with each other’s energies through intense emotions, either positive or negative. This involves us in taking up each others stuff and trying to manage the overload.

In order to be a witness of life and see emotions as passing clouds, it is very important to release people and clear the agreements we have with them.

The following is an energy exercise that can easily be done by anyone. Energy work is a relaxed visualization with intention.

This particular exercise is a wonderful gift that we can give to ourselves, our loved ones and anyone with whom we have had a conflict.

This excerpt is from my book Twelve Steps to Inner Peace:


The following is a powerful spiritual tool to release people from your consciousness and also to take back your power. In doing this exercise you are also giving people their energy back to them.

Many times we fill much of our space with other people’s energies and tend to depend on them to complete us.

We forget to live from the place of our power.

Connect with the heart. The heart is a place of transformation and hence, emotions like grief, sadness, and depression cannot persist there.

Intense negative emotions are due to people putting themselves into each other’s space. Human emotions are carried by the opinions of the mind:

“I love you, you love me, I am like you, and you are like me… so I love you.”

In this way, we attach so much emotion to our opinions.

Human emotions of love that are attached only to opinions will dissipate over time.

When a person’s opinion is not exciting anymore, people decide that they are finished with the relationship, and they take their energy with them.

They rip off their energy from the other person’s space:

“I am taking me back from you or I may or may not give you back to you.”

Energy loss such as this may happen due to death or separation.

Absence of the energy called love from one’s space creates great grief, sadness, and depression. In order to fill this absence of energy, people search for energy from the wrong places and bring more confusion into their lives.

The only way the holes in your energy field can be healed is by you replacing it with You.

Grief happens when we give away ourselves expecting validation to be returned.

The reality of all relationships is:

“I love me more when I am with you. I love me for creating you in my space.”

It is wise to empower oneself with the love and light of the Creator, to let go of other people’s energies from our space, and to take back the energy we left in their space. This allows us to become our wholesome, powerful selves.

You can think of a person who is consistently on your mind, who may be irritating you, and whose energy you would like to remove from your space. This is not necessarily a bad energy – it is only that you would like to heal and be your wholesome self, and you would also allow the person to take back his or her energy and feel whole again. This is a profound gift that you can give to people by giving them back to themselves.

Ground yourself to Mother Earth and connect with your heart.

See yourself in the center of your head.

RosesFrom the center of your head, see your “view screen.”

Visualize a rose of any color and place the person inside the rose.

See the rose change color as this is the color of that person’s energy that is in your space.

Now visualize another rose next to the first one.
This rose represents you – notice the color of this rose. 

Now give the command to the other person’s rose to collect up all of his or her energy from your rose.

Now give the command to your rose to collect all of your energy from his or her rose. 

When the roses have finished exchanging energy from each other, take a moment to thank the person. You can think of anything that you appreciate about her or him and offer gratitude.

Now explode that person’s rose and make it disappear. The person’s energy will return back to him or her.

Now take your rose and fill it with the golden energy of your Celestial Soul and allow it to enter your body. The rose will replenish your body with life force energy wherever needed.

Spinning Rose

May your moments be blessed with ease, grace and peace, my dear friend!

Premlatha Rajkumar




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  1. Dearest Premlatha, thank you so much for dealing with what can be a challenging topic with your gifts of sensitivity and insight. And your meditation is a gift to all of us! Gratitude for you beautiful sister! With love and a big hug, Orchid <3

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