The Return of Androgynous Spirituality

Is “androgynous spirituality” or the merging of the masculine and the feminine, which we once saw as the highest forms of spirituality emerging from ancient spiritually advanced civilisations, such as Mesopotamia and Egypt, making a comeback in human consciousness and soul evolution?

We thought the following interview of astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert, by Steve & Barbara Rother, so interesting that we felt like sharing it with you here, on The Rising Way.

Source: Virtual Light Broadcast — Paths to Empowerment
Additional: Alison Chester-Lambert’s website

5 thoughts on “The Return of Androgynous Spirituality”

  1. Lovely, good te remember!!
    We are so focused on dividing, something is male or female, good or bad, but in the end that is nonsens, we just labeled things that way, it does not say anything about that what has been labeled.
    In the end we are all androgynous, so why making divisions?
    I was used to do this also and never really thought of it. Good to remember next time I divide things into one or the other, when that is only our human way to label things and not the way things really are.

  2. Yes! Alison is right on the money! There is no gender in Spirit … it’s a Oneness! Alison explains this so eloquently.
    Earth energies rising.
    Now the new children are here to demonstrate that to us. Bless them.
    Thank you for the post TRW!

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