Oktoberfest For the Soul

This week and the next few to follow are of great importance to those that are ready to manifest their ‘dream seeds of creation’ and step into the next phase of their soul evolution.

I ‘accidentally’ started writing this blog after being triggered and inspired by this update for 23 September 2014, the Autumn Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere, on the online Mayan Calendar Portal:

“September 23 is 8 Imix/Imox. If you’re going through a stressful time, no matter how maddening it feels, no matter how desperately you want to escape the situation, trust in the guidance of Uaxac.

As it threads the cord of time through the psychic fabric that Imix weaves at each iteration of its passing in the cycle of the Tzolk’in, it will show you the way out of the dark jungles of life into the light you seek.

Follow Uaxac’s cord, never letting go, and you will make it through.”

This blog is not going to be about the Mayan Calendar, however, although of course its cycles of creation and cosmic information resound through every particle in existence at any time, and therefore could be partially held co-responsible for anything in creation that has come and gone, everything that currently is, and all that will still come and go. I am writing ‘outside of the lines’ as I type and I have no idea where this blog is going to go or if it ever will see the digital light of day.

All I know is it wants to be written, and I’m game, which seems to be the way things work best these days—at least, that’s true for me although I have a very strong inclination to believe things are shifting in the same direction for many more people than just me alone—possibly you included.

So let’s find out what this blog wants to be all about, shall we?

If you are one for which the next several weeks feel like ‘your time’ of ‘creative soul dream seed manifestation’ then please understand the great gift that is to be found in the ‘grand urgency’ that you might be feeling and which might have been building up in you for quite some time now: you have been ‘weaving your world’ for many moons now, in your head and your heart. All that is really happening is that your 3-Kakra system is aligning and harmonising to the tonality of ‘right now’ and this means that you belly/loins area is getting involved, which is your grand place of manifestation!

Now is the time to take the steps that you have been preparing for and create the life of your dreams that will not only assist you but will be a life lived in grand service to others, service to all, service to Gaia, service to creation itself, not from a place of worship or need but from a place of being at the eye of creation of the grand cosmic artist that you truly are. Service in a self-empowered and empowering way. You’ll know what to do when the time comes, because your inner cosmic compass will bring you home, each and every time, based on the inner attributes of love, joy, freedom, truth and life that burst forth from within and that are not dependent on finite factors any longer.

You have come into this incarnation with many of these dream seeds and you have not spilled one — for which I salute you. These pristinely kept dreams are all ‘original thoughts’ of a universe that is ready to manifest the next phase of itself that we all together have dreamt into creation, into beingness, into manifestation.

These next few weeks, therefore, will allow you to be joyful witness to the fruition of these many dream seeds that you have planted. You are Nature and Nurture to these creations, which means that for them to sprout and become manifest you now are invited to be your grand courageous self and take those many steps that you have, in the deepest child-likeness of your being, been planning all those many moments when you daydreamed and went ‘off and away’ into a preview of the tonality of the grand future of the soul-manifested golden age that is ahead and where you would pick up the many pick-me-ups that you would take back with you to the here and now and that would put a smile on your face without your brain or mind really knowing why. Yes, you went to a place in the future that you could not remember fully before, because your brain was not yet wired to process tonality and akeneic energy instead of vibration and frequency based energy as it has done for as long as you have been alive, except for those moments you were tending to your dreams.

So, if you are feeling the grand urgency then this is the time to take the first step on your adventure, your soul journey that is so very well deserved.

Are you prepared, now, to step forward and allow your dreams to spring forth, in that special way you have about you when you dare to have a spring in your step and star shine in your eyes? If you are, then the next weeks will bring the birth of your grand soul adventure — the reunification that will start taking place on a soul family level is beyond our current ability to imagine, but as this year of 2014 will draw to a close and be replaced by the ‘8’ year of infinite soul creation and manifestation that is to come, you will know the grand reunification between many of these soul families and connections and you will understand why the ‘grand urgency’ was indeed so urgent… It’s what you feel the night before Christmas as a child, when it almost hurts that you cannot speed up time to make it morning and sleep just will not come in order to help move things forward! It’s the first kiss of life when you realise that everything you have ever dreamt of is indeed within reach… and is indeed now here.

Follow your heart, for now more so than ever before it beats in synchronicity with the tonality of the galactic core and the universe of benevolent creation itself… and be prepared for a river of rapids the likes of which you have not witnessed before.

This human family is coming together, soul to soul, and heart to heart as we will sing the tonality of our new and beloved planet Earth leading edge reality creation field into beingness as the year of 7’s turns into the year of 8’s.

All that is needed now is to move out of the space of dreaming/being and into the space of being/doing, which is where your creative artist within right now will be best served.

I don’t know about you, but the way I am going to be looking at things from now is as follows: there’s ‘old reality’ and there is ‘new reality’ now, the former is vibration/frequency based while the latter is a chaotic spectacular tonal akeneneic energy soup – the best ingredient to cook your cosmic dreams with if you ask me.

The ‘old reality’ and its ‘old energy’ is made up of a matrix of patterned, premeditated thinking. It’s dense, it’s matter, and often it just won’t budge no matter how hard you might try to manifest things differently. The ‘new reality’ and its ‘new energy’ does not have a matrix model. In fact, it does not have any ‘model’ or preconfigured design or settings at all.

It’s the laws of physics versus the laws of metaphysics, as it were, and this blog is only introductory when it comes to these things. I will be writing a lot about the laws of metaphysics in the months ahead, as it is a book project I am currently working on, alongside some others. Be on the lookout for those and some other projects I am moving forward at this time in case you’re interested in knowing more.

What I have experienced so far is that this ‘new energy’ does not for one minute allow any model to be ‘intended upon it’. Anything goes out of the window: thoughts, force, and even concepts such as ‘flow’ and ‘imagination’ are not native to this model less, meaning less ‘new energy reality’ that we are stepping into after having dreamt it into motion together, the last steps of which we are taking now.

‘New energy creation’ without any type of known (or unknown) model in place does not mean that nothing can manifest, of course, quite the opposite in fact: manifestation is immediate, if you let it, and the only thing you really have to do is step out of the way at the end of the ride of creation while at the same time take the steps forward that are required for the momentum of manifestation to be built up from your own inner attributes themselves. And what you definitely—most certainly—cannot commit yourself to under any circumstances is to ‘box yourself or your creation down’ as it were, you cannot create a format for life anymore, or for anything that matters, for that matter.

Once you get used to this way of being, creating, doing and manifesting, the ‘old reality’ model that we used to live our lives in feels like a sinking titanic of masculine power & war games based living that I did not mind disembarking with nothing much else but the life vest under my seat (which turned out not to inflate when needed… turns out it wasn’t needed anyway) and my dream seeds safely tucked away in between my heartbeats.

Does taking that sort of immense leap of faith generate fears? Possible, but not necessarily. Fears are finite, anyway, and once you’re through the eye of the proverbial needle you will feel as though a metal helmet of mind (control and programming) will have been lifted off you, along with a mantle of black magic that has been influencing you with its spells all of your life.

Sound dramatic?
Agreed, but don’t knock it till you try it.

Once you’re through the hard bits (if any) very quickly things are going to get way, way easier, and if that is the conclusion you had already come to, you are absolutely spot on and obviously ready to quantum leap yourself forward.

But… you have to let it happen and you have to take some action at the same time, most likely, depending on your specific creative circumstances.

You have to make a choice, at least in my humble opinion, as to which reality type you choose to manifest, to co-create and to co-exist in.

My choice is absolutely clear and I am in the middle of change.

So, how about you?

Where will you find yourself when your many dreams inevitably come true?

Just imagine the party that we are about to create together… when the energy grids (ley-lines) of the masculine dominated control system will run dry, and the grand flower of feminine creation will once again be the meridians, through which will flow Gaia’s life blood, which is the culmination of our shared passion for creative and benevolent dream seed manifestation, her veins, through which each and every one of all of our shared and infinite heart beats flows like her red blood cells, the life force emanating beings that we truly are.

May infinitely abundant waves of well-being flow into your heart always, created as they are from the centre of your being and timelessly flow to the edges of creation to come back home to you filled with the infinite stories, adventures and tales of a universe brimming with life, with joy, with freedom, with truth… and with love.

And, as I sit here, in closing, wondering why I dare to allow myself to let these words flow out into the universe the way they are written with their own sense of consciousness, and with this specific intent, I hear those infinite waves brimming with infinite stories, coming back home to me…

Each one of them whispers, it’s time, it’s time, it’s time.

Blogs, made of dreams, creations with their own sense of consciousness manifesting themselves, co-creating the flow of reality in connection with us, the human family, the dream weavers who have awoken and return from the sternness of masculine matter to the gentle grace of the fluid feminine, their true home.

Huh… Laws of Metaphysics indeed. It’s about time!

You rock, and together, we rock and roll.

Let’s do this thing!

Kwan Yin

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4 thoughts on “Oktoberfest For the Soul”

  1. Thank you very much, Kwan Yin <3 What a powerful and beautiful description of what it happening. A translation that easily reaches the heart! It touches mine deeply, every time I read it (and I have been coming back to this post quite a lot). So yes, let's rock & roll!
    Much love

  2. Thank you, dear Kwan Yin, for this very powerful blog. We have known for a while that humanity and the whole planet Earth are going through intense changes, and it feels like another quickening is happening now. This is indeed a turning point, as Orchid said, the separation of the worlds as it were. Everything “old energy” has become extremely uncomfortable – nothing but unnecessary challenges we can so easily get sucked into. But as soon as we focus our attention on our dreams, on that which we want to see manifest, we notice that this is where the energy wants to flow. It is effortless and expansive.
    The urgency that speaks through your words, Kwan Yin, is almost tangible. It’s a constant hum in every cell – creation wanting to burst forth. There is a knowing within that when we take the right actions now, when we dare to step into the unknown in full trust that this will lead to the manifestation of our “dream seeds”. But we have to step into it – now.
    Much love, Jasmine <3

  3. We’re all at a massive turning point. And we can feel it. It’s truly up to each of us what we choose to do with this knowing, a knowing that’s undeniable. No running from this one! It’s time to move. It feels like a massive shift ‘between worlds’—the old and the new. Whatever this means for each and every one of us. It’s here. What will we do with this understanding is up to us. And the big news is, we can now trust the precious flame we have held in our hearts for a long, long time. Huge gratitude, Kwan Yin, for giving words to this turning point—no more fence-straddling! Podcast topic? I think so. Feels like, take a deep breath, trust self, and jump! Change is all there is. Much gratitude that we are all on this journey together!
    Love, Orchid <3

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