You Are the Universe (Meditation by Kwan Yin)

In this new Mer-Ka-Ba meditation by Kwan Yin, created for the Subscriber Area of The Rising Way and now offered publicly as a free gift, you are invited to step into your Universal Self by activating the Inter-Creational relationship between you and everything that surrounds you.

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Subscribers Only — Become a Subscriber


Learn about the Kakra system and how it differs from the old-energy based Chakra system, and flow into the ancient realms of Lemuria and Atlantis as you activate your Mer-Ka-Ba.

Prepare for lift off and a journey of Conscious Exploration that will empower you to discover how vast and powerful you truly are.

You will learn how to tap into the higher aspects of Self and expand your senses like never before.

We’re thrilled to offer you this experience, the first of many, as we walk together as one family, united, sharing this expansive space on the path of personal ascension.


Kwan Yin & The Risers

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17 thoughts on “You Are the Universe (Meditation by Kwan Yin)”

  1. Dearest Kwan Yin
    Words can not express the deep feelings of LOVE, Joy, Freedom, Truth and LIFE that was generated from this beautiful Meditation. Even though I have been practicing I AM, and fueling the Kakra’s for many years, this Meditation filled the Spaces that were still empty. The words from Lemuria put me into a deeper place.

    1. Dearest Harry,
      I am so glad to read your comment. Yes, I too (when creating it) felt the power surge through my veins. Lemuria is rising!
      Love you, dear Harry, and that will never change.
      Always, Kwan Yin

  2. I feel closer and closer to the experience of being One and All. I feel closer and closer to dissolving all illusions. I have no words to express my gratitude for such blessing through the resonance of Kwan Yin´s voice.

    From the essence of what I AM,

    1. Dear Patricia, we all feel so happy to hear about your amazing experiences with Kwan Yin’s meditation… Yes, it is so very powerful! From Our Essence to Yours, the Rising Way Team loves you more than comments on a website can say 😉 <3

  3. Unmistakable … the elegance of a perfected Heart.
    What a Gift to humanity! I cannot adequately put into words the sweetness of feelings, the entire meditation evokes.
    The Soul is singing and the cells dancing.
    There’s that certain element to the vibration of Your voice KY <3 ! and the music … and the Lemurian expressions … Exquisite! <3 <3 <3
    I also add my Thanks.

  4. Thank you again, dear Kwan Yin <3 This meditation is very powerful, a huge gift to the world and is simply not to be missed! With the Mer-ka-ba travel tips, podcasts, articles, blogs, excerpts, meditations, music and more offered on The Rising Way Public Section… and the additional, even more in depth information, community, and tools offered in the Subscriber Section….oh and gobs of planned events 🙂 …. there is something for everyone here to practically apply in their daily lives and to support their ascension path! I am loving ALL the experience and am tickled pink to be here in such a beautiful service to others role! Love you with all my heart! <3

  5. Thank you, Kwan Yin, for this incredibly powerful meditation. It is such a great way to start the day and to learn how to navigate our own Mer-Ka-Ba in order to move forward on the ascension path. I am thrilled that this first meditation is shared, here on the public section of our website so that many others can experience the same empowerment. Thank you, I will be listening many more times! Lots of Love <3

  6. Thank you, dear Kwan Yin, for an absolutely brilliant meditation! What a wonderful way to get you into the heart space at the beginning of the day, like the Rising Team experienced yesterday. Every time I listen to the meditation, I feel more expansive, and it immediately takes me back to the very peaceful state I felt myself sink into when listening to the meditation for the first time. The music adds an extra dimension to an already very beautiful experience. I really love the inter-creational relationship exercise which takes us out of a place of judgment and into a space of unity.
    And adding Lotus’s and your creation of “the Beat of the Beaches” track is an extra treat <3

  7. A HUGE thank you Kwan Yin for this expansive experience!!! For me this is a most powerful meditation with many experiences that truly are beyond words. It simply has to be enjoyed! I’m continuing to listen to this meditation and each time, there is continual expansion! I am very much looking forward to discussing these topics in depth on our podcasts! LOTS to talk about. With much love, Orchid <3

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