You Are the Universe (Podcast)

IMPORTANT: This is a Post-Meditation Podcast by The Rising Way. In case you missed the meditation You Are The Universe, we strongly recommend that you experience it first, prior to listening to this podcast.

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Join the team behind The Rising Way website as they share with you their experiences of Kwan Yin’s new Mer-Ka-Ba meditation, created for the Subscriber section of The Rising Way and offered publicly as a free gift to our worldwide listeners.

During this podcast, Kwan Yin explains the basics of “sonic time travel”, which we will go into in our next adventures together.

You will find that everyone’s experiences are very different, so we are greatly looking forward to hearing from you what this expansive mediation has activated within you. Let’ us know when you’ve gone back to the future!

Additional insights and information are discussed that will assist you in using this mediation to create your own magical reality including time travel, the use of ascended senses, and how to find the universe within using the internal attributes of Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth and Life.

We’re thrilled and excited to be connecting with you in this way, finally getting to know each other, and we very much look forward to hearing about your expansive moments of consciousness exploration!

Much love from all of us at The Rising Way!

Kwan Yin & The Risers

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5 thoughts on “You Are the Universe (Podcast)”

  1. What a truly grand experience – first the meditation that was amazing beyond words, and then to be able to share our experiences with the world. I’m very curious to hear what this meditation has activated within you, dear fellow riser!
    I feel so very privileged to be on this ascension path together with all of you and I look forward to many more joining us in the very near future!
    Much love to all of you <3

  2. What a joy to share our experiences with you all via these podcasts and so much more <3 We're all doing this together and that makes the path magical and so expansive! Let's rock! Much love to all <3

  3. I completely agree with Orchid on all counts! Much love to you, Kwan Yin, and to all who stop by this page to listen to this first audio introduction of The Rising Way Team. I get goosebumps every time I think of what is to come, outmatched only by an overflowing heart of love and gratitude to all of us and every single yet unified heart on the planet. It’s time for all of us to rise together….and it’s happening! <3 <3 <3

  4. It was great fun doing this podcast! Feels so wonderful to finally be connecting with the rest of our extended family in unity! Our sharing is offered with much love and gratitude that we can all share our experiences on these topics. Much, much more to come! And we are looking forward to hearing your experiences as well. Big hugs from all of us at The Rising Way! <3

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