A Meditation For the Mind (Lecture by Lao Tze)

In this podcast created for ascension students and subscribers of The Rising Way, Kwan Yin introduces Lao Tze, who delivers a no-holds-barred lecture which is a must for anyone who hears the call of their Soul to walk the path of personal ascension, a path that is re-opening planet wide for all who freely choose it.

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Lao Tze speaks about the beingness called the Akonai, our head kakra. He explains about the nature of our reality and the web of entanglement of the “golden cage” of the Akashic record we allowed ourselves to be imprisoned in. We believe in a solid universe because our brains cannot translate the very rapid switch from matter reverting to energy and back again. “We only see that which we are made to believe is real.”

He explains how we have burdened ourselves with karma, archetypes, illusions, a chakra system, akashic record and so much more, which brought about the world of things. With that, we have bought into externalization.

As long as we exist in the akashic state of mind, where we keep recreating our personalities over and over again, we will follow the cycle of death and rebirth. The only way out of the prison of mind is ascension where we move from the akashic state into an akonaic state, the divine mind. In order to get there, an ascension student has to practice consistency and continuity, as the lack thereof is exactly what keeps us out of our true state of being.

Be prepared for a lecture that will shatter your belief systems and propel you into a higher state of consciousness like you have never experienced before!

Kwan Yin & The Risers

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11 thoughts on “A Meditation For the Mind (Lecture by Lao Tze)”

  1. I am glad to have learnt about the Akasha records and what they are for. I knew about them, but I did not know that they were the very walls of our “imprisonment” (or should I say hell?) and as long as wel identiy with everything that is stored in there, we are its very prisoner. And in order to free ourselves we need to look beyond that, to what we really are, for as far as that is possible within a humanbody perspective?!!!

    A doorway to freedom??

  2. Listening to Lao Tze a second time, I felt calm regarding the things that I did not know (many). Then felt uplifted by Knowing there is a way out of the control system, starting with Continuation and Consistency.
    Looking forward to the next Meditation.
    I liked all that Amy wrote.

    LOVE to ALL

    1. Thank you, sweet Harry. Yes, there definitely is a way out! Let’s ride the wave together!
      The next meditations and other recordings are being released this weekend. We are working day and night currently to get them all done, and I am so excited about them that I can almost fly all the way to you and give you a Hug 🙂
      Talk soon!
      Kwan Yin

  3. Dear KY and Risers <3
    Thank you for sharing your views.
    I echo some of your sentiments on Beloved Lao Tse's lecture.
    Yes! Expect something Big when he comes in … and He didn't disappoint.
    No feeding and perpetuating the illusions.
    His lecture was clear, pure, pristine and precise.
    It was a measured delivery from the rarefied field of the Akonai … detached yet underscored by Love.
    There's so much hoo-ha and hoopla about akashic records in spiritual circles. Lao Tse effectively put paid to that ring-a-around as a mindtrap prison!
    I had bought into that!
    There was also the bit about seeing the things around us as Objects of our creation which brings in the objectivity, as opposed to seeing them as things which attract attachments. Wow!
    There's so much more in the lecture. More listening to do.
    Yo! His Presence was Vast!
    KY my Beloved Sis, I also Loved Loved Loved Your intro …
    (h)mmmmm … Your Lemurian chant/song is exquisite. Thank You <3
    Thank You Beloved Lao Tse <3

  4. Thank you, Kwan Yin and Lao Tze, for this in depth teaching and for showing us how very real the difference between the akashic realm and the akonaic realm is. It is quite humbling to see what we create from the akashic record and it simply never adds something good to our reality. I am so grateful to learn about this. It’s so true, the only way out is ascension. With love, Amy

  5. Thank you, Kwan Yin and Lao Tze, for this very powerful lecture. It is actually quite relieving to know that there truly is only one mistake: the lack of consistency and continuity. And here we are, hitting the wall time and time again and all because of ONE mistake… Quite mind boggling.
    The mind really does not like the two c’s one bit! It keeps creating distractions that we so easily allow ourselves to be drawn into, creating directions instead of vectors. Have to pull myself out of those distractions many times a day and remember the two c’s <3 Much love <3

  6. The call of the soul which some of us feel has no words really. It is a knowing that all experiences as we have known them have been had. It is a knowing that there is something more. Sometimes we feel alone in this knowing, around our families and our friends. We find ourselves naturally moving away from the spiritual groups that may have brought us comfort at one time. We feel that much of what made sense to us in our lives is slipping away. Reality is feeling more fluid by the day and it can be unsettling at times.

    Lao Tze’s message is loving and at the same time, candidly addresses what we have all been believing is real, a self-made prison—our minds full of complexity, comparisons, and judgments—thoughts which are not ours swirling around in our heads.

    Personal ascension is a serious study and is fuelled by an undeniable passion held in the heart which propels us to take the next step—a step out of our linear thinking, and a movement forward on our way to freedom, which is our birthright.

    We will be discussing many of these topics in depth, offered to our subscribers, on our podcasts, which I look forward to with much anticipation! I’m deep grateful to be here and very much look forward to many expansive moments as all of us who choose to, walk the path of personal ascension together, sharing our experiences with one another along the way. Deepest love and gratitude Lao Tze and Kwan Yin. <3

  7. A very powerful lecture not to be missed by any soul, really!!! For anyone sitting on the fence about what’s real or not, this lecture will get you off the fence and ready for lift off! <3 <3 <3

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