A Meditation For the Mind (Podcast)

In this follow-up to Lao Tze’s lecture, “Meditation for the Mind”, Kwan Yin and The Rising Way Team, a group of dedicated students walking the path of personal ascension, discuss their experiences listening to the lecture, which – according to Kwan Yin – came in like a sledgehammer.

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The team members talk about how this reality changing information enhances their training in a practical way. Ascension study is real, hands-on-deck work, not a hobby, and it can be very confrontational.

Kwan Yin offers many additional insights to transcend the limits of the mind, which continually creates a memory wipe and reset, by applying the consistency and continuity needed to access the akonaic memory of the now instead. It is important to understand that these resets don’t necessarily have to come from thought fields related to words. People very often go down into the emotional arena, thinking they are going through a release when in truth this is just another reset that is being forced upon them.

We learn that expectations created by the “control system” around the 12/21/2012 event have left many frustrated, but has actually worked to open potentials and given rise to the ascension platform that is available for humanity now. This was the first time in recorded history this has been possible, as a large number of people started to wake up after the 9/11 event. The truth can be spoken now.

Like money on the stock market, our energy is being used without our knowing. This makes us feel that we have no control over the situation, which, according to Kwan Yin, is the biggest illusion, but you have to work with the mind. If you allow the mind to work with you, external situations will come in, like the failure of our recording device today. When we tap into akashic energy, we change reality.

Kwan Yin & The Risers

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3 thoughts on “A Meditation For the Mind (Podcast)”

  1. I love this podcast. It is a good example how we are learning to navigate reality from the akonai and how easy it is to limit ourselves. As Lao Tze said, if you look at it from a neutral perspective, it is almost a comedy of errors. We are learning time after time that coming from an akashic space that affects reality in a negative way. It is simply what the akashic space is programmed to do.

    It’s great that in the podcast the information is deepened so that we can all rise up together, learning to navigate from the Akonai. Thank you!

  2. It was again very sobering to realize that we were dwelling in akashic space rather than akonaic space without even realizing… The failure of the recording device was a powerful indicator of the way we change our reality instantly if we allow ourselves to be out of the heart space for even one tiny moment…
    Thank you, Kwan Yin, for all the information shared in this podcast.
    I am very grateful for having been part of this experience. Learning… learning… learning… <3

  3. Enjoy our sharing! Feels to some of us that the reason ‘it came in like a sledgehammer’ is that all of us are coming to terms with the reality of ascension. By this I mean, as has been said, that it is a serious study. The truth is that we are directly confronted with our minds, with the difference between the akashic state and the akonaic state, and with our ability, or lack thereof, to maintain consistency and continuity as Lao Tze has described. This is us being real, guys! Love you <3

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