I Am Life (Meditation by Kwan Yin)

“I AM LIFE” is a collaboration between Kwan Yin (lyrics & vocals) and Lotus (music) and brings a succinct, 15-minutes long audio & video journey to the Core Truth of the Soul: that you are Life itself.

The experience is designed to remove Past, Present and Future Contracts from your existence on your way to Sovereignty.

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Subscribers Only — Become a Subscriber

Wherever you are – work, home, on the road- if you find yourself in reach of your smart phone, Kwan Yin now offers you a way to return to Centre and Balance in a very short amount of time and to revoke Contracts between yourself and those in other lives, in this life and in other dimensions so that you can start afresh – without being drained, fed upon or used by anyone.

Travel with Kwan Yin, and reach the heights of projecting your holographic essence out into the ethers as you, quite surely, will create your reality anew.

The experience closes by you, each time, coding your new version of reality with your Life Force, your Passion and your Creative Vision.

The exercise is designed so that, very shortly after using it honestly and with honour, you will start to notice its effects show up in Life.

I AM LIFE is the perfect tool to let emerge the perfect YOU and includes the Lotus single Freedom (Wind Beneath My Wings) as it closes the session.

I AM LIFE was recorded in November 2010 and is now part of The Imzaia Archives on The Rising Way’s Subscriber Area. It is offered here, on the Public Area of the site, as our free, monthly gift for October 2014.


Kwan Yin & The Risers

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12 thoughts on “I Am Life (Meditation by Kwan Yin)”

  1. Thank you, Kwan Yin and Lotus, for sharing this beautiful and timeless gift with the world. It has always been a treasured gem. Somehow (:-) ) it goes right to the heart of the matter and the heart of all things. Funny how that works! Endless love to you and to all ascended life! <3 <3 <3

  2. I AM LIFE is such a powerful meditation, Lotus’ music is a perfect fit for it. I am incredibly grateful that it is back online for everyone! Thank you Kwan Yin and Lotus <3

  3. Blessed KY,
    Your incantation of ‘I AM Life’ is a shimmering eternal Gift to us in the shifting sands of time.
    <3 Thank You so much <3
    Your loving message to Dear Patricia on the passing of her Beloved Goya is also deeply touching.
    Please may I add my condolence Patricia. Wishing you strength with gently hugs.

  4. Beloved Kwan Yin,

    Today my beautiful dog Goya became Rising Life and flew into the stars to see Creator´s face. Your voice takes me to that same “space” where we all are Rising Life.

    Thank you and much love

    1. My dearest Patricia, I am so touched by your sentiment and I feel you. So sorry to hear beautiful Goya left the physical vessel, but I know all is well and that the non physical journey is advancing beautifully. If you are open to it, I invite you to take a trip with me in dreamtime tonight, where we can go and visit the amazing Goya in Honomeia together… You bring the toys, I’ll bring the treats… It’s a date! Sending you bundles of Love and let’s connect soon! Hugs, Kwan Yin

  5. So very happy to see this powerful incantation here!!! I’ve spoken these words on many occasions at the time it was created and I will be making it a part of creating a new reality now! Thank you Kwan Yin and Lotus with love <3

  6. Thank you, dear Kwan Yin, for making this incredible incantation available for everyone again. I remember the impact it had on me the very first time I listened to these empowering words with Lotus’s music underneath… I am positive that this gift will reach many a heart and assist them to come back to center in any moment of the day.
    What a beautiful gift <3
    Much love, Jasmine <3

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