Why Does Violence Exist In this Realm?

A dear friend, troubled by all the recent violent happenings taking place in the world, wrote in and asked this question:

If the Soul writes its Journey prior to birth, then why are some people violent  and criminal? Why does the Soul write about the rape and/or murder of itself or others ?


As part of our incarnation on this physical planet Earth, we chose to work only with our minds; we chose not to make room for the soul or its messages.

Therefore, in order to understand anything that is related to the soul, we need to move from the dimension of duality (good/bad, ugly/beautiful) and be in a place of non-judgment.

To be in a place of non-judgment, one has to REALLY DO the spiritual work of practicing silence, slowing down to notice the breath, taking time to connect with nature… for these are the grand teachers who will help one to shift to a place of non-judgment and compassion.

Doing the spiritual work takes practice, practice, and more sincere practice. This is because for many years mankind has fallen into the trap of mind stories.

The mind is the one respected, adored, and valued till now. Hence, if one needs to understand the soul one needs to get out of this zone of the mind.

So, if you are willing to come with me into this realm of the absolute/non-judgment, I can show you the answer.

If possible, at this time please take a deep breath.

Notice your breath as it moves within and around you, without you taking any effort.

Place your hand on your heart and notice your heart beating and doing its work without any effort from you.

You are being breathed and lived without any effort on your part.

Now, let us analyse the answer to this powerful question.

Please know and understand that this Planet is a place of co-creation, and great beings from the realm of the absolute decide to come into a human body and choose to play the game called I do not know who I am, I do not know who God is.

In order to play this game, there needs to be the theme of duality (which is everything to do with good vs bad, right vs wrong, ugly vs beautiful). This game of duality is a great co-creation, for here the good needs the bad to survive, and the bad needs the good to survive and so on and so forth.

The players are willing volunteers in this game and they know deep within that there is never any damage or destruction done to them, all the so called damage or destruction is the illusion of this game of duality.

The game was created for experiencing the opposites and gathering wisdom from each experience.

Hence, the victims and villains are voluntary co-creators who agree to play the game from the soul level.

When we are in the place of the mind and its judgment we can never understand the game, our mind knows only what it knows, it cannot understand the absolute.

The mind judges and reacts to all the situations with intense fear, for the mind is born only when the body is born and the mind has to die with the body when the body dies. The mind was created to protect and help the body survive, so the mind takes its job seriously and lives in extreme fear of death. It cannot accept any harm done to the body.

Every game of duality is a catalyst for the players and everyone touched by the game of the players to turn within and seek solutions beyond the mind and body. Hence we find many turning towards spirituality to find answers.

Sincerely practicing and working to open ones heart and live form the heart space rather than from the mind will help one to move beyond the games of the mind and understand the truth of existence.

The 7 GREAT TRUTHS are that…

1. There are no victims and no villains;

2. Every game of duality is played only by agreements. Some souls agree to play the game of the victim and some agree to play the game of the villains in the physical. This is a teaching learning process which can be understood only by the wisdom of the heart and never by the knowledge of the mind.

3. Nothing that happens in the physical is accidental, there are no accidents. Even if an ant has to bite you, it will not bite unless you give it the permission from the deeper place within, the mind is totally unconscious of this.

4. There are no meanings for anything in this physical dimension. The meaning for everything is the meaning the mind chooses to give.

5. Choosing to live from the place of awareness, becoming the watcher or the non-judgmental witness, helps one to understand the meaning of existence.

6. Since every being emanates from the Creator, every being is endowed with the natural aspects of the Creator. The Creator can never be harmed or damaged, and this is true for every being existing on the Planet. There is no harm or destruction, there is only wisdom gained through the experience of the physical illusion.

7. Ultimately the purpose of this game of duality is the evolution of the soul into greater wisdom and compassion, and to live on this Planet as our Divine Selves.

These truths are sharings from my heart connection with my soul, they need not be your truths.

But, I would suggest that you practice connecting with your heart in every way possible through meditations, silence, connecting with nature, connecting with your sacred breath, anything that can help to connect you with your heart space and you will definitely get the answers/truths for all your questions from your inner being.

Premlatha Rajkumar




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6 thoughts on “Why Does Violence Exist In this Realm?”

  1. Thank you, Premlatha <3 You have skillfully addressed a difficult subject with delicacy, compassion, wisdom, and grace. We have all been there one way or the other on both sides of the coin. None of this is "really real" (thus the "game" of duality, and a game that really has been had already for those ready to move on), however, it sure seems very real to the mind/personality while still in the muck and mire. You've shared some great insights. The best advice I would give is to "open your heart and stay there"! I also would like to add that forgiveness of both self (the mind/personality) and "others" (also the mind/personality) is an incredible entry into the heart space and also realizing that there really isn't even an other. Hats off to you again, dear Sister! With Love, Amber <3

  2. Wise words dearest Premlatha and thank you for addressing this topic which can be a challenging one. We have all played on ‘both sides of the fence,’ The answers to this question, like so many others, are to be found only within the heart if we are willing to listen. Love you <3

  3. Dear Premlatha, thank you for your comprehensive answer to a question that I’m sure many people are asking themselves. Duality is a game of opposites indeed. Light cannot exist without the dark. There is no judgment about that. In order to know what and who we are, we first have to fully understand what and who we are not. The earth is our playing field and it is here that we play the killer, the rapist and the victim. It is all about experiencing the full spectrum of life on this planet. Much love, Jasmine <3

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