You Are the Cosmic Lion

Cosmic Lion

Sometimes, in life, you just have got to make a choice that knocks everyone’s socks off, a choice that no one saw coming and no one will even think is justified, except for your own soul.

It is these choices that will change the vector of your life forever, liberating you from all that came before and all that would have come next.

It is the choice of the soul that decides to move.

It is these choices that will propel you forward on your path of ascension, and whatever anyone says, thinks, or throws your way because of them, does not matter.

You have come to this planet to be your own creation, not anyone else’s, which is something you should never forget. You are the cosmic lion and the galactic lioness, the king and queen of your universe and destiny.

Kwan Yin

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16 thoughts on “You Are the Cosmic Lion”

  1. Thank you, Kwan Yin, for this truly beautiful and empowering post and stunning picture! <3 I am sure it will touch many hearts and souls. It is sage advice to never underestimate the power and calling of the Soul in both moment to moment choices and the really big ones (like stepping onto the path of personal ascension) and to listen with ears, eyes and heart wide open. It will always lead us exactly where we need to go. Love you! <3

  2. Thank you, Kwan Yin <3 . This is so very true and important. As long as we are resisting to follow the choice of our heart we feel torn between heart and mind. When we move forward with it, the whole world opens up! The struggle is only in the resistance. A great reminder for us all. <3

  3. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart no matter how much it ‘rattles’ your current reality. A reality which some of us have simply had enough of. A question we might ask ourselves— if we keep doing the same things we’ve been doing, what do we expect to be different?

    It takes courage to step away from the life one has been living. Which is exactly the step the soul is calling for.


    1. Sweet Sisters, i think i know what you are feeling.
      The human doesn’t like to be pushed off its comfort zone. This human, Lina, knows it very well.
      It takes great courage to step away from the fear of the unknown. The questions of the mind are always the same: “what it will be, what will happen…”
      The I AM sends You LOVE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Dear Captain Ami, The Cosmic White Dragon is The Beloved KY.
      I just created another kind of being: a White Red Lion Dragon.
      Tomorrow, who knows, I will create blue wings and a yellow mane.
      I am follow the suggestion of Ekara: “undefinition” (or “sans définition”, Adamus) … Everything and Nothing.
      Ishshsh Dear Ami <3 <3 <3

  4. Yes, sometimes you have to make a choice that knocks everyone’s socks off, including your own! You might not know what you’ve gotten yourself into and that is ok. You just KNOW it was the right and only choice to make. When the soul wants to move, you just gotta move with it, even though this your personality might resist big time. Everything within your being will tell you that now’s the time to jump. And when you’re faced with the choice for a finite existence or an infinite one… really, what would you choose?
    Thank you, Kwan Yin, for sending out a call to all the cosmic lions and lionesses <3 I'm sure many have heard this call in their soul and are ready to move NOW <3
    And for all of you who are about to heed your soul's calling; You're not alone <3 The team members of The Rising Way have done exactly that and we're here to assist you in any way we can. Together we can move mountains and create magic! <3
    Much love to all <3

  5. I am very excited with the news and running to fall asleep, for You to tell me more about that, but i am sad because i have no sticker to send You, so, imagine a cuddle …
    with LOVE ( and thank You for playing with me)

  6. Oh yes, Darling, play with me.

    You are the ONE that already Ascended and chose to come back, once again, to help the other Family Members to remember.

    The Gift is YOU!!!!! (end of discussion)

    I AM the amnesic Pretender, that chose to come back , again, to play but, play, with lots of fun and Joy.

    Tonight, let us go fly on the wings of FREEDOM.

    (what will happen on October 17 th? Will we play again together?


    1. Yes, let’s go fly tonight! I’ll come and pick you up right after you fall asleep! 😀

      And on October 17th… everything, our entire Great Work, will open up again. We’re in the middle of finishing a couple of Newsletters that will be sent out tomorrow and that will explain everything that will start happening on this Public Area of the site as well as on the Subscriber Area… but soon we will be playing “live” again together indeed! LOVE YOU ALWAYS!! <3

  7. “It is the choice of the soul that decides to move.”

    Oh, Beloved One, when the human becomes aware of this, so it is a “aha” moment.
    The veils fall down and the doors and windows open up.
    So easy and graceful but, yet, so complicated for the human mind.

    By the way, this human, here, loves Felidae very much, but prefers to be a White Dragon. She would love to fly and the human mind tells her that Felidae don’t fly. So, I AM creating a new one: a Cosmic White Lion Dragon.

    LOVE YOU, Precious One

    1. Ooh… Cosmic White Lion Dragon 😀 I love it! 😉 Thank you dear Lina, you are so wonderful and unique. It’s a gift to the world that you are here.

      Sending tons of Love, Kwan Yin <3

    2. Love you, Lina! Thank you for sharing yourself here. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to more sharing, here and otherwise! Roaring with you all the way! <3 <3 <3

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