Can you imagine what it would be like to completely let go of all types of expectation?

When expectation comes in, you create a predefined set of parameters. You create a predefined image of what you hope to find. This has always been the case — and you have even been taught that this is power, that preparing yourself for things to come is intelligent.

Well, it is indeed intelligent, but it is NOT CONSCIOUS.

Consciousness cannot exist where predefinition has already set in. Consciousness doesn’t work that way; awareness doesn’t work that way.

Letting go of expectations is a way out of this. It is a way to cope with life’s needs; a way to cope with illusions that have been like a house around you that is now starting to crumble and fall apart.

When you let go, at first there might be fear, for what if the house collapses on top of you? What happens to all the stuff that you have been collecting, all the thoughts, all the parameters, all the belief systems that you have been collecting? They are like objects in your house that you love, like your DVD’s, your mobile phones, your television sets and your 20’000 dollar couch. These are your belief systems and they are pretty darn comfortable for the mind.

Expectations feed those belief systems into continuously existing in your reality. Letting go of those is the key to universal freedom.

There is only one expectation you should ever have and that is that energy tends to raise itself naturally.

So, in any situation you find yourselves in, use the principle of this Natural Energy Tendency and you will see that it will always carry you home. It will carry you into a state of consciousness and eventually into a state of awareness.


Image Credit: Great Expectations (2012)

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4 thoughts on “Expectations”

  1. This past couple of years I have been taking care of two parents with dementia. This has truly been a lesson in becoming aware of and releasing expectations and belief systems. Stripping away the illusion, beliefs and memories to see the light of the matter is powerful for all involved on a conscious and subconscious level. Without the struggle of what “should” be, I am able to relax and honor the journey we are all sharing. This experience has also demonstrated how connected we are through our spiritual and energetic responses to each other on higher levels.

    1. Thank you for sharing a part of your personal path Suzanne. That must have been quite the journey. Beautiful that you are able to relax into it now and that you are able to see the connections and responses on different levels. Much love to you!

  2. In the end, this message is one of simplicity and our complex minds run away from hearing it. The truth is that energy raises itself naturally. This is a profound statement and worthy of contemplation. It’s very good news. If we don’t place negative thoughts and limiting belief systems in our field, we can create a reality that continues to rise, to blossom, to expand.

    But the truth is that we do have expectations and we do have limiting belief systems. And with these in place, the magical reality that we hold in our hearts feels downright elusive. Or it feels that we can create it, but cannot sustain our creation continuously.

    On the path of personal ascension, guided by ascended life, there is simply no way around the fact that part of the work is to root out the programmed belief systems and expectations, step right through them, and ultimately, choose differently; choose to create beauty, choose freedom for ourselves, and choose to emit love and compassion.

    Thank you for posting this message Kwan Yin.

    Much love,

  3. In simplicity, 🙂 we get down to one expectation (that energy tends to raise itself naturally) and one mistake (which is to fail to continuously and consistently apply ascension teachings in our lives) — see Lao Tze’s Lecture: Meditation for the Mind: http://therisingway.com/category/ascension-lectures/).

    Ekara’s full teaching of this Excerpt in the Subscriber Section and Lao Tze’s lecture, and basically all ascension teachings, point to the same things over and over again using different entry points to deal with the complexity of the mind, personalities, egos, belief systems etc. The expectation that all energy raises itself naturally, if fully embraced and embodied in the simplicity with which it was intended, is a great tool in anyone’s ascension toolbox to deal with mind based complexity which isn’t even real.

    Consciousness is simple; anything else is by nature, complex and difficult. I am finding the more I travel the ascension path, that simplicities such as these are becoming more and more real as am I. Very refreshing! Thank you for this post. Love, Amber <3

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