The Energy of Love

“If you run into your greatest fear, all the mind wants to do is run away so that it is not being confronted by this fear, so that the fear cannot be opened up and yet, when you do, in it, you can find the energy of love.” — Ekara *

Energy raises itself naturally. It sounds so very simple. And yet to properly understand and apply this principle is a significant movement forward in our understanding of reality creation.

Those of us on the personal ascension path have experienced this again and again as the personality is systematically dismantled. And dismantling this ‘house of cards’ is our ticket to freedom.

Humans have been taught to believe in expectations, limited expectations, and this have been taught to us by those who seek to have power over us. We have expectations about ourselves, about how our day will unfold, about so called ‘others,’ even about what we define as real.

Instead, what we’re actually creating are moments of the Now. And these Now moments have the potential to literally become whatever we’d like them to be.

We’ve read these things before, and yet to experience them in a practical way in the process of personal ascension, to better understand at least the fundamentals of how reality creation actually works, continues to alter our perspective dramatically. And, as we find again and again, a little more knowledge brings many more questions. And also brings situations that test our ability to create, as well as maintain our creations, on a consistent and continuous basis.

How much has been written and spoken about love and fear? How many Facebook memes have been shared?…lol

We can believe we’re becoming conscious, we can believe we’re acting in a loving way, we can believe that we’re becoming more aware and that we’re growing.

And yet, we’re filled with expectations, filled with belief systems, filled with judgements and thus still living a dualistic existence.

This is spiritual mind. It is the mind copying consciousness.

We create our reality and we can create anything we want. When we align the head, heart, and belly, and we apply ourselves consistently and continuously, we can create magic. For energy raises itself naturally.

In order to do this, we have to ‘clean house.’ And it can be scary to the mind to allow this to happen.

The truth is that many of us, to some degree or another, have had experiences in our past that have been damaging to the spirit.

The mind compensates. And it does this well. So much so that we are not even aware of it. We are often unaware of all the armour surrounding us designed to ‘protect’ us from these feelings.

This process is universal. No matter our life experiences, as these constructs are dismantled, we will come to a space where we wonder, ‘Who am I then?’

Which will ‘rattle’ the mind. The mind has created a shield around all its belief systems. And if we are honest with ourselves, really, one of the last things we want to let go of are our belief systems. For do we not say, ‘This is what I believe, this is what I know to be true?’ Really, for just a moment, think about dropping your beliefs about what you ‘believe’ is real. Very scary for the mind. It strikes at the core of who we believe ourselves to be.

And thus the mind will run as far away from this as possible. There is tremendous resistance to letting go of who we have believed ourselves to be.

If we cannot do this, we cannot evolve. We’re stuck.

It’s a Catch 22 and it’s not an easy one. And yet it’s possible if we have the courage to choose this for ourselves. Are we going to continue to hold on to the mind’s programming or will we choose infinite consciousness, infinite expansion? Are we open to exploring the specific pathways of the mind, as uncomfortable as that might be at times so that we might be able to choose differently next time, so that we’re able to choose love instead?

Which brings us back to the first sentence in this article. When we are willing to drop what we’ve been believing, we see that energy raises itself naturally. We can literally step into a higher version of ourselves and we will find ourselves living in a very different reality.

At times, when we’re thrashing around within the mind, this feels impossible. And then there are periods of time, often in a group, dedicated to the serious study of ascension, accompanied by ascended life, where there  is an unmistakable knowing that we have just massively changed our reality in a positive way.

Ascended life has told us that we might think that more advanced ascension exercises are going to be difficult, and yet the truth is, dropping all that we have known ourselves to be, is difficult. Simply put, our continued efforts flow from our passion for ascension. And step by step, we do see results.

We are one family. We are all in this together. By uplifting the whole, we uplift ourselves. By offering compassion to ‘the other’ we offer it to self for there truly is no ‘self’ and ‘other.’

It is we who are continuously projecting ourselves all around us. All those we see as the ‘other’ are expressions of us.

And there is nothing to fear. Our fear is part of our programming which is finite. We are infinite beings having an experience here.

Face your fear. The only way out of it is through it. And if we choose to look beneath it, we always, ultimately, find the energy of love.


Orchid Rising

* To read the full lecture by Ekara, from which the top quote was taken, please visit this page on our Subscriber Area

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2 thoughts on “The Energy of Love”

  1. What a great article, dear Orchid! It is so very true that if we have an honest look at self, the most scary thing is letting go of who and what we thought we were. Letting go of our belief systems is what will propel us forward. And yes, we do know the theory; putting it into consistent and continuous practice is quite another ball park. Becoming aware of the patterns and habits we are allowing to run the show is a vital step towards letting go of the old. Now that we know that this really is the most difficult step on the ascension path, it makes it easier. We just have to push through…
    Much love, Jasmine <3

  2. As Lao Tze has recently said, “letting go of identification with what I am and what I thought I was is the most difficult part of the (ascension) process. It is easier to become something not pre-determined.” With ego/mind/personality fully intact, it is impossible to even imagine a non pre-determined reality, which is why dismantling this construct is a must to open to more conscious expression on the way to ascension for those who choose this path. You have captured the essence of the predicament along with a viable way out, Orchid. Thank you for this article! Much Love, Amber <3

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