The Unconditional Approach (Videocast)

Enjoy this 45 minute, very spontaneous talk between Kwan Yin and Orchid Rising on a plethora of topics! It began as a ten minute clip but gosh, we just had so much to say!

YouTube video blocked in your country?

We spoke about the conditional versus unconditional nature of one of the building blocks of our reality creation—freedom—and how truly expansive our creations can be, unfolding organically, if we allow freedom as an internalised attribute to run the show.

We also talked about a few of our upcoming creations that are keeping us busy through the wee hours of the morning!

We are over the moon excited about two of them. They are the Skype Sessions we’ll be offering you with Kwan Yin and other Ascended Master Teachers, or one of the ascension students (wait till you hear about these!) as well as Ascension Scans, a private sharing between you and Kwan Yin, the first time these scans have ever been offered publicly!

We also chatted about our majorly cool online store opening very soon, as well as The Rising Way’s very first event in Lisbon, Portugal around November 15th! We can’t wait and would be so happy to see you there! The event (and future ones) will also be offered for purchasing & streaming online or as a download.

Much love from Kwan Yin, Orchid Rising,
and the rest of the Rising Way Team

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3 thoughts on “The Unconditional Approach (Videocast)”

  1. Such joy to listen to beloved Kwan Yin and sister Orchid…The Ascension Scans and Rising Sessions are going to be a feast for the soul´s yearning to fly unconditionally….Thank you for making the path so clear and natural…

    Much love and blessings,

  2. Great video cast! Very on the mark. In a reality based on conditions, it is extremely helpful to be presented with the truth of how this came about and what we can do about it! Look forward to many more fascinating talks with the both of you! <3 Much love, Jasmine <3

  3. This was so much fun–our very first videocast! It was wonderful recording with you Kwan Yin! <3 Now we're on a roll! Hope you all enjoy it and we look forward to receiving your questions and comments. We've only just begun……See ya very soon! Love, Orchid <3

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