The Stillness of the Heart

The heart quietly knows.
The mind has much to say about what it knows not.
Consciousness is to be found in the stillness of the heart.

And the heart pulses it out continuously.
Stillness is not nothingness but an extremely vibrant space.

Our essence is consciousness.
Our essence is love.
They are of the heart.

When we’re in the heart, we just know….
We just know what is true.
We can trust our intuition.
We can trust what we feel.

Mind must compare.
The vast majority of the thoughts in our heads are negative and are being fed to us. Thus the majority of our thoughts are obviously not conscious.

Our heads are filled with cascades of programmed thinking.

On the path of personal ascension, if we choose to take seriously questions such as ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’ there is a monumental question to ponder.

If the thoughts in our heads are not ours, what does this mean about the thoughts we have about self? Are they true? What about  our belief systems having to do with all that we consider ourselves to be; all the ‘spiritual progress’ we’ve made, all the ‘growth’ in our lives? We think we understand more about the world, about ourselves, about one another; do we really?

The truth is we have been trapped in what could be considered a huge computer game, believing that we’re expanding.

We’re not expanding. We’re living in a false reality of linearity and duality—until our finite existence comes to an end and we’re recycled to come back here and do it all over again.

Ascended life has shared that ascension is not about spirituality. It is about reality.

The heart wants to dance.
The heart wants to express love.
The heart knows tender balance.

The beauty of the heart shines from our eyes as we gaze with compassion upon other aspects of us, our brothers and sisters. What beams out of our hearts and our eyes is love; it’s a sharing of oneself to uplift those around us rather than ‘putting our energy upon them.’

We do this all the time. Energetically, from a male perspective, we penetrate the energy field of ‘the other’ and put our energy onto them.

What a far cry this is from two beings energetically dancing together, in love with each other, honouring the beauty and the originality in each other, and ‘playing together.’

The heart is beaming out love and consciousness constantly.

We just need to tune into it, like a radio signal.
And its about love.
About self love first and foremost—loving the god in us.
And then what can it be about other than loving one another?
In the end, it is that simple.

Choosing to look with kind eyes
Choosing to uplift those around us
Choosing to see the best in one another
Choosing to interact with higher versions of ourselves
And inviting one another into this space constantly.

Ascended life looks upon us with these eyes, constantly loving us, continuously inviting us to remember the conscious beings we actually are.

Teaching us by example with infinite grace if we have the eyes to see.
And the heart to feel.

Deepest gratitude from this student.

Ultimately it’s a choice.
A very personal choice
A choice to see with the eyes of love.

Yes negative thoughts will still pour in.
We can be a neutral witness.
If it feels bad, it is not real.
It’s as simple as that.

Ascension is not about achieving.

Walking the path together is about unity, about seeing ‘the other’ as an aspect of self. It’s about the good of the group for we’re all caught in this matrix together.

Ascended life is here to guide us out.
There will be advanced teachings further along on our path.
For now it’s fundamentally about these simple concepts which we have been taught for years, literally.

We don’t have to figure it all out.
We just need to choose love and take the next step.
And then do this again
And again
And again.

We all have our own version of ‘our pain.’
We all have our own version of woundedness.
It’s all patterning that needs no identification for it is not us.

And at the same time—

From a place of stillness, our hearts are continuously pulsing out love and consciousness in between the physical heartbeats.

We are powerful, loving, infinite beings
Let’s get to know ourselves better.
We know what we think about things
But what do we feel?

No matter how many meditations and lectures we take part in, ascended life cannot do this for us.

Choose loving thoughts. Neutrally witness and dismiss anything else for it is not real and never will be.

Choose the heart in each moment and we will see our limited reality transform into a magical reality, a reality that feels just a breath away.

And that’s when things really start to get interesting!

Hope to gaze upon each other’s smiling faces and radiant hearts very soon!

With much love,
Orchid Rising


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8 thoughts on “The Stillness of the Heart”

  1. Beautiful expression from the heart, dear Orchid <3 Ultimately, Love is all there is and it always wins (anything else is a distortion). It is up to each of us to discover this and make it real in our experience. This is true for everyone and an absolute must for anyone on the ascension path. It is impossible to ascend without the fundamentals you've expressed so clearly front and center. Thank you! <3
    Love, Amber <3

  2. Wow, thank you dearest Orchid. These words go straight to the heart. So much truth, compassion and pure wisdom in them.

    I loved this one very much:

    The heart quietly knows.
    The mind has much to say about what it knows not.

    So true!

    Yes, our hearts are meant to dance together, in a pure and graceful dance. As pure and graceful as your words.

    Much love, Amy

  3. Dearest Orchid <3
    Yes, I agree it's a powerful back-to-Centre message, put simply and powerfully across.
    It is Love <3

  4. Wonderfully said my Dear beautiful Orchid. It was nice to see you coming from your Heart on the last two Video’s . Looks like YOU are

  5. Beautiful article, dear Orchid. You know how to put a powerful message out in a way that will touch the heart of every reader.
    The stillness of the heart. Consciousness shining through in between the heartbeats. Finding that space within where our true essence is always present. Choosing that space in every moment and seeing it in the eyes of “the other”.
    Love you, dear sister <3

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