Life is More Fun When You Find Your Magic:  A Fable

You used to live with magic all the time and didn’t even know what it was. Before the Fall of consciousness, life was easy and joyful. It was fun and interesting. You effortlessly manifested anything you wanted.

Beauty was everywhere.  Peace and harmony reigned. All your relationships were wonderful. You were healthy. You knew how to create any experience you wanted to have.

You were always happy and confident. You knew your Divine Self was part of Creator. You had immense power and knew you could return to Creator anytime you wanted. (Imagine that you can remember this ancient soul memory!)

Then you and a group of other souls enthusiastically decided to leave that experience temporarily so you could learn about polarity and density. You wanted to see what it would be like to live in these aspects. This was very different from what you had already experienced. You were curious and interested and excited.

You didn’t mean to enter into polarity and denseness so deeply. Like an ocean diver who has to put on weights to be able to stay underwater, you had to add increasing density to be able to stay in physical manifestation. Sometimes a diver can add too much weight and get stuck in the ocean. This is what happened to you.

You (and all of us) have been caught in extreme density for many millennia. You forgot that you were part of Source and you forgot your inner power. You forgot how energy works and how to use energy to meet your needs. You forgot that your Core Self is Divine.

Your ego, which had previously worked in happy cooperation with your Divine Self, was now terrified at feeling separated from this Self. Without the guidance it had previously received, your ego believed it must take responsibility for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual safety all by itself, with no assistance or information from your Divine aspect.

Your ego tensed, went into high alert, and tried bravely to keep you safe in this strange environment. Alone and frightened, it was vulnerable to some bizarre suggestions.

One of those suggestions was that something was wrong with you and that you had no power. Another thought circulated that everyone was innately evil and deserved to be punished.

Everyone you knew appeared to accept these ideas and your ego pushed you to accept them too so that you would fit in and be safe. The idea that you were a part of Source was considered blasphemous and dangerous and you suppressed it.

So you and the rest of humanity settled into lifetime after lifetime after lifetime of struggle and pain. Of feeling unconnected and isolated. Of it seeming like life just happened to you, beyond your own influence. Of losing touch with your innate Goodness and Health and Inner Power.

You learned to follow rules and color within the lines. Life became very narrow and restricted as you struggled to stay safe. Fitting in became critical so you agreed to live in a box. Gradually, you lost touch with life outside the box. You forgot your magic.

But there is new energy in the air now. There is a wave of rising consciousness that you can catch to ride back to the experience of your Original Divine Template. However, to catch the wave, you have to re-learn how to use your inner magic.

Although nobody taught you this as a child (because they didn’t know it either), all life is energy. And energy can be changed, compressed, expanded, and molded in many  wonderful ways. You can regain the ability to make your life work for you the way you want it to.

It is safe now to begin climbing out of your box, that dense, 3rd dimensional, limited box you fearfully climbed into so long ago. There is a tremendous amount of help now to assist you in exploring the wonderful, delicious, expansive world outside the box. It’s safe to find your magic and learn to express it joyfully again.

Imagine being outside, inadequately dressed, on a cold day.  Someone jostles you and you fall down, scraping your already raw, gloveless hands. You struggle to get back up and then it starts to rain. You have no umbrella, no raincoat, no waterproof shoes. You try to hail a taxi and you can’t get one to stop. This is 3rd dimension. No magic. You feel angry, powerless, victimized.

Now imagine you are outside on a cold day but you are comfortable in warm clothes. Someone jostles you and you immediately create a layer of inner tubes to surround your body. You fall, but the inner tubes cause you to bounce back up. It’s so much fun that you almost want someone else to push you so you can do it again. It starts to rain and you command a large umbrella to hover over you. You decide you want a taxi and one quickly pulls up. This is 5th dimension. Magic. It can still get cold outside, the rain can still fall, and you can still get jostled. But now you have fun with it.

Terri Hager

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16 thoughts on “Life is More Fun When You Find Your Magic:  A Fable”

  1. Thank you for writing this! I read it to my sons, ages 8 & 10, and they really enjoyed it. We are using the “return to magic” as a consciousness touchpoint…you can never have enough of those! ?

  2. I actually thought I might be going a little crazy this last month or so, really right around the beginning of October. Synchronicity galore, prayer, knots coming loose. I had actually searched and found this article yesterday and it’s been extremely helpful in knowing I’m not alone.
    From my heart to yours, Thank You.

    1. We, at The Rising Way, are very happy to hear that you found Terri’s article, dear Martin, especially because it makes you realise you are not alone! We also offer an online community called “the AscendoSphere”, membership is entirely free and filled with people “like us” 😉 Come and have a look and create a free profile, it’s wonderful to connect to others and we hold regular Hangouts and Webinars to keep the connection alive, planet-wide! To get there, visit Much Love to You!

    2. You’re not at all alone, Martin—we’re all going through this! Such programming we have to shed and free ourselves of—and isn’t it wonderful to be doing so? Blessings! Terri

  3. Hello dear Terri,

    It is so great to have you as an author. I love your first article. Thank you. Yes, it is so true, focusing on Magic in our lives makes it way more fun AND it creates more of it at the same time!

    Much love!

  4. Thank you, dear Terri <3 I thoroughly enjoyed reading your fable! We may just have a new Aesop in the making 🙂 It is a wonderful time to be incarnated on Earth with so much opening up in terms of global empowerment and enlightenment, planetary ascension, and the availability of the personal ascension path for all who choose it. We are coming out of our deep slumber and manipulation as a species to rise, and rise and rise! <3
    Love, Amber

  5. Welcome dear Terri—it’s such a joy to have you here! Love your message! It’s definitely time to climb out of our boxes and create the loving reality many of us have held in our hearts for a long, long time. And wonderful to do it together! Looking forward to many expansive times ahead! With much love, Orchid <3

  6. Dear Terri, thank you for your lovely fable! Your magical reality sounds a whole lot more fun than the 3D one! That’s the one I want to live in 24/7! Just imagine what we can do once we rediscover our true powerful creator self! And this is why we are on our ascension path.
    Much love, Jasmine <3

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