Rising Life: The Ultimate Hero’s Journey – Stage 1: Separation

In my last blog in the Rising Life Series, written for and published by The Rising Way, I wrote about The Ultimate Hero’s Journey, and the work of the late Joseph Campbell, American mythologist, writer and lecturer.

Campbell made a compelling case in his book, The Hero With A Thousand Faces, that all mythology can be seen as a single great story in which a hero goes through great trials and tribulations, based on a common pattern, to reach an experience of the eternal source to then return with gifts powerful enough to set their society free. Campbell suggests that the eternal source lays underneath the world of phenomena and that it is constantly pouring its energies into the perceived world of time, duality, suffering and ultimately death. The single great story sees the human race as engaged in the effort of making the world transparent to transcendence or making the eternal unknown known.

Joseph Campbell’s work has been widely used to promote the common narrative of the hero’s journey which always has three distinct stages within an overall narrative formula: separation, initiation and return. This formula is widely used in modern day movies. Perhaps the best of them like Star Wars and Avatar along with ones yet to be written based on feminine energies and principles returning to the planet will become the mythology that future generations will refer to when telling the story of how we, individually and as a human race, transcended our amnesia and mind tampering by other forces by successfully traversing through the stages of separation (ultimately from source but also from what is perceived as normal), initiation (tests, tasks, encounter with the true power of love and supernatural guidance) and return (mastery, enlightenment or ascension, and sharing knowledge gained with others).

David Wilcock, bestselling author (Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key), also correlates the single great story with the precession of the equinoxes to show a hidden architecture within time represented by cosmic cycles that guides individuals, nations and planets through the experience of planetary ascension.

Why the Hero’s Journey is Relevant Now

I suggest that the recent interest in the Hero’s Journey is not a coincidence, given a continuing breakdown in institutions, most notably represented by governments, financial systems and corporations run amok, along with a rapidly growing rise in awakened individuals in every nook and cranny of global society, a growing awareness about ascension, in general, a sense that life as we have known it simply cannot continue within old paradigms that do not serve the whole, and an undeniably strong yearning in the majority of souls incarnated on this planet for a return to love, freedom, joy, truth and life — the building blocks and universal principles of all creation, of all life.

Ascension of Self

In my previous blog about the hero’s journey, I made a case to strongly suggest that the ultimate hero’s journey is ascension of self.

Ascension of self, or personal ascension, can be grokked  (understood and felt through fully operational energetic systems) through personal ascension study and experience. It can be loosely described from a limited mental perspective as:

  1. an end to the repetitive and unnecessary reincarnation cycle of death and rebirth;
  2. a return to complete wholeness and purity of existence without the illusions of form, time, space, exchange, death, and separation  (the grand illusions of the Earth plane) or any connection to a manipulated masculine mental matrix;
  3. a return to infinity consciousness with full access to linear and quantum dimensions in which you can be anywhere and any when multi-dimensionally;
  4. full access to divine mind;
  5. the ultimate evolutionary expansion of the soul having come full circle as an eternal being from exploring all that can be experienced outside of “home”, to understanding every nuance of reality creation, to fully remembering its connection with source and its natural birthright as a completely sovereign creator.


This is the true meaning of I AM and why you and I are here. We are, after all,  the heart of all things.

Planetary Ascension

Although personal ascension is not the same as planetary ascension, since we are currently in the process of fully realising the ascension of all matter, and as such the ascension of the Earth, both will impact life as we know it and should be considered together as we continue to enter cosmic adulthood as a human race and as a planet.

Planetary ascension is the liberation from manipulated planetary control systems and a return to unity consciousness, much of which is written about in truth movement, esoteric, spiritual, and metaphysical circles, predicted by the Mayan calendar, and currently underway. 2014 is a pivotal year in which the scale tips, aided by cosmic energies that have been and will continue to affect all life on Earth.

What the upcoming next few years will bring is yet to be known, but for those who are awake and aware and surfing the cosmic waves of change, the feeling is palpable that no matter the (few) linear years still to realise the full effects of planetary ascension, it is undeniably close and metaphorically, just a breath away.

When the Soul Chooses to Move

At these intense times of change and opportunity, it is important to actively recognise when our souls choose to move on to greater heights of evolution, exploration and creation and to then take action to answer the call. If we are feeling nudges from our souls to expand further, or if we are simply feeling stuck, these are wake up calls to explore what our souls are really asking of us.


We are all here at this time to be part of the only timeline left for Earth, in which heart, soul and graceful creation take centre stage. The next stop is one in which all of Earth’s inhabitants fall in love with each other, the Self and the All. So, in one respect we have already heard the call of our souls to move by being here, doing our parts and anticipating a grand party.

However, what we choose to do now and continue to do as we continue to surf the cosmic changes in motion and enter cosmic adulthood, is very important. We live in a holographic universe, in which each particle contains the whole, and we are inherently and profoundly interconnected.  As such, we can and must uplift each other, and remember that as we work on ourselves, we transform the world around us. Choosing ascension of self at any time, but especially now, is the grandest service to others we could ever undertake.

Therefore, this is the absolutely perfect time to explore the path of personal ascension, through which we can be way-showers, trailblazers, and guides for our brothers and sisters and for all souls coming behind us, many of which, in the case of young children especially, have purposefully incarnated on Earth in order to ascend, having incarnated knowing the potentials ahead.

With this awareness, exploring the potential and requirements for personal ascension, a path that is now opening up globally under the guidance of Ascended Life for all of humanity for the first time ever for those who freely choose it, is of the highest and grandest importance. Initial exploration can be as simple as diving into The Rising Way or The AscendoSphere, two platforms specifically guided by Ascended Master Teachers present on Earth to teach ascension of self, to assess for yourself if the call of your soul is a call for personal ascension, and to consider becoming a seeker on the personal ascension path.

This combination of planetary ascension and the opportunity for personal ascension is unprecedented. It affects not only humanity and the Earth, but also the galaxy, universe, hologram, and all of creation. Source, the Creator – YOU – are expressing yourself in a way that has never been done before, and we all have a seat at the table.

The Separation Stage of the Hero’s Journey

This exploratory or seeker stage of personal ascension, which precedes initiation, can be likened to the separation stage of the hero’s journey which is described as follows:

  • The hero begins in a mundane situation of normality from which some information is received that acts as a call to head off into the unknown.
  • Often when the call is given, the hero first refuses to heed it. This may be from a sense of duty or obligation, fear, insecurity, a sense of inadequacy, or any of a range of reasons that work to hold the person in his or her current circumstances.
  • Once the hero has committed to the quest, consciously or unconsciously, his teacher, guide or magical helper appears or becomes known to guide the hero in completing the quest.
  • The hero actually crosses into the field of adventure, leaving the known limits of his or her world and ventures into an unknown realm where its rules and limits are not known.
  • The hero enters the “belly of the whale” representing the final separation from the hero’s known world and self. By entering this stage, the hero shows willingness to undergo a metamorphosis.


As a student on the personal ascension path, I can relate to all of these steps in the separation stage of my ultimate hero’s journey. It is likely, that you will, too, although coming onto the path now, can be easier and much quicker than my fits and starts, if you so choose – partially because planetary ascension is nigh supporting the personal ascension process in a way that could never be done before, and because the foundation that is being built to support you is carefully being planned and activated by Ascended Life to accommodate the many souls that will be choosing to move onto this path.

My Story Stepping Onto the Personal Ascension Path

In 2007, I came across teachings and information from Ascended Life, Ascended Master Teachers,  and Group Consciousnesses including, to name a few: Kwan Yin, Lao Tze, Ekara (the first being who taught himself how to ascend and created the ascension process), Jeshua, Adamus Saint-Germain, Kuthumi Lal Singh, Nathan of Stellar Service, Ramtha, Seth, Zyona, Zebulon, Lemuaya, Tobias, Isis, Solarys, Gaia, Abraham and many others who are part of The Rising Way (directly and through its archive of ascended information available in the AscendoSphere, as part of the 144 geometry, and as part of the Imzaia collective consciousness which includes everyone who has ascended, is ascending, and will ascend). This timeless information was unlike anything I had ever come across in my many years of spiritual seeking.

While I recognised internally without any doubt that I had come across “real truth” beyond anything I had experienced before, I was confronted with leaving the spiritual circle I had become comfortable with and told myself that this new information was beyond my understanding and I’d get back to it later. This is typical when the soul chooses to move. The ego-mind-personality construct will create fear and convince you that you either didn’t hear the call or having heard it, that it isn’t as important as other things you believe are important in your life, or otherwise try to stop you — for example in my case, feeling unworthy and clinging to a familiar comfort zone created by the mind and not the soul. This is when it is really important to persevere and not allow this to happen by taking some action that will serve to propel you forward on your path and to trust that your soul will continue to offer guidance and support.

After approximately six months not being able to progress spiritually (go figure), I revisited this material and committed to its further study. My quest for personal ascension had now kicked into gear for me, although I did not know that at the time. After studying and applying these teachings in my life for a year or so, I was ready to make an internal choice for personal ascension, still barely understanding what this meant or what it entailed at the time. I just knew it was part of my path, so I continued my study and actively followed the teachings as best I could within a normal “3D life” awaiting the next step or further soul guidance.


As I progressed with my study, there came a point where it was undeniable to me that my heart and soul yearned for personal contact with my teachers and others on the same path and more direct and advanced teaching opportunities than home study at a distance could provide. I attended a week-long seminar in 2009 in which I met Kwan Yin, my Ascended Master Teacher, for the first time. The initial meeting was a little awkward for me, never having met an Ascended Master Teacher who had “walked into” a body before (as opposed to being channelled by humans as is common in spiritual arenas and typically  cannot be completely true representations of Ascended Life due to the inherent human filters of the channeller). I did not know how to respond when Kwan Yin told me that it had been a long time since we last saw each other. By the second day of the seminar I knew I had found what I had been looking for my entire life. I felt like I had finally come home. I wanted to stay and never leave, but did not have the courage to do so, and returned to my “3D life”, at least knowing this time that somehow I would return.

I reconnected with Kwan Yin physically in 2011 when I stayed at a pre-curser of what will soon become global Ascension Centres, a visit within which I set a gravity point with Kwan Yin to anchor my choice to fully master and transcend this reality through my own ascension. This was a sacred act of the highest order to me and although it took me until mid-2012 to fully move into “the belly of the whale” and fully dedicate myself to this path as a direct ascension student living with Kwan Yin, I knew that I would never back away from this promise from my soul to me and vice versa, and to my eternal teacher who had been waiting for me to return to the fold all along (as does all Ascended Life for every one of us).

A Reason for Being

Having finally and fully committed myself to the personal ascension path, I have never looked back. My initial lukewarm I think I can (like The Little Engine That Could) has turned into a full blown passion of my heart and soul that is now a treasured reason for being that literally feels like it has always been this way. This path requires work in dismantling the ego-mind-personality construct. It is also one that is steeped in the most authentic and infinite love, joy, freedom, truth and life beyond what this or any other personality could ever imagine, create, or experience, until experiencing it.

To me, as I look back to where I have been, where I am now, and where I am headed, still a student, but more in tune with the personal ascension path than I could ever have been until I fully stepped onto it, this is not only the ultimate hero’s journey, it is the very reason for a soul’s existence — to forget everything, explore and understand the nature and grandness of reality, to understand and embrace creational sovereignty and the inter-creational relationship between the creator and the created, to find its way back to rediscover that the soul actually created the creator and there is and never has been any separation whatsoever.

Fantastical portrait of a warrior with focus on powerful sword

I would like to leave you, as you consider the possibility of what I have expressed in this blog, as you perhaps also explore the personal ascension path, with a teaching from a dear Wing Tjun Kung Fu teacher on my path, Sihing Paul Resnick of the International Wing Tjun Kung Fu Association, which may help you to prepare for your very own ultimate hero’s journey.

Three Kung Fu Battles or Challenges (Saam Chin form)
  1. The first battle/challenge is indeed with yourself. Your own anxieties, fears, doubts, confidence, etc. Overcoming them. Finding peace, love and joy from within.
  2. The second battle/challenge in Kung Fu is with your opponent. In life it is with your direct environment. Your friends, family, personal/work relationships, and other people that you deal directly with in life.
  3. The third battle/challenge can be spiritual, religious, or something else “bigger than yourself.” Could also, for example, be world peace or solving world hunger/poverty. In the Buddhist sense it is enlightenment.

In the ultimate Soul sense, the third battle/challenge is ascension of self (added to the traditional Chinese teaching for emphasis and relevance to the subject being discussed).

When we recognise the illusory nature of the battles we have with ourselves and overcome them, extend what we have learned to those around us, and also recognise the illusory nature of our environments and of reality considering that in the end we are all one, and then commit ourselves to a bigger than ourselves journey of ultimate soul evolution, there is nothing left to battle. One finds that there never really was.

This is the transcendence underpinning the single great story and it is the ultimate great peace.

Namaste and I Love You!

Amber Adams

Next Installment: The Hero’s Journey – The Initiation Stage

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  1. Thank you for this article, Amber, and thank you for sharing your personal story!. I also believe that the ascension path is a conscious decision, one not be taken lightly, and one that requires intentional focus and determination. But really, what other choice is there?

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Terri <3 You've taken the words right out of my mouth and summed up the whole point of the article in your last sentence. What a JOY it is to arrive at that point and to know it and live it!

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  2. Miss Adams!!! <3 Truly mindblowing blog … pun intended 🙂 . You've taken flight, and it's only begun … and already, it's way beyond Awesome!
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  3. Dear Amber, thank you for this absolutely brilliant article. You have to make it into a book! 😉
    I love how you build it up with explanations from other sources. Was very touched by your personal recount of the first stages of your ascension path. Feels very familiar, I have to say. We all have gone through similar experiences with our hearts wanting us to jump, but our minds and personalities refusing to leave the comfort zone. Bit of a tug-o-war between heart and mind. But like you said, at some point, the mind just HAS to let go and allow the soul to move. It’ll get its say later on in the game anyway… far too often if you ask me!
    Anyway, great article that will help many people to cross their own threshold and maybe let go of their mental battles a little earlier than we did….
    Look forward to the sequel!
    Much love, Jasmine <3

  4. Brilliant article dear Amber! <3 A clear perspective and a synthesis of quite a lot of information.There is plenty to ponder here. And so very much from your beautiful heart! Thank you for this message and thank you for you! Love you <3

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