Rewiring the Mind (David Icke)

In this short but interesting video by David Icke — a preview to his weekly subscriber video cast — the plasticity of the human brain is discussed and how, over time, our minds and thought processes can easily by affected and changed to fit the control system’s needs, if we do not take charge of who we truly are.

6 thoughts on “Rewiring the Mind (David Icke)”

  1. Fascinating short video. It’s interesting what our brain does with parts that are not used. There is no redundancy there as well.
    I’m sure not many people will know how quickly something gets stored in the DNA, but knowing this can be empowering for the awakening human who is letting go of old belief systems in favor for the creation of a conscious new self. Much love <3

    1. Hi Martin, what can be done about it (with relative ease) is taking charge of one’s belief systems, thought patterns & processes that lock one down in this way. All limitation, all restrictive and therefore “narrowing” patterning must go. A lot of this is about deprogramming work, which can be done personally, so that not the external influences of reality but rather the internal attributes of Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth and Life, which exist in the heart space (Akene) always are at the centre stage of one’s thoughts and one’s way with which one interacts with and creates one’s reality. I understand that this is a theoretical answer, but perhaps you can feel within what I am talking about. In short, it’s about You running the show and the show not running you. Love to you and those in your heart! <3

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