How is it Possible to Show the Same Love and Affection to Everyone?

Recently a sweet friend asked me the following question:

How is it possible to show the same love and affection to everyone, sometimes there are people who irritate us in such a way that I do not have a good feeling and I cannot show them love ?


At one time in my life I realized that “all is one”, that we are all “One Consciousness”. 

There is no tree inside a tree, there is only consciousness; there is no rock inside a rock, only consciousness; there is no person inside a person, only consciousness, and the forms are all impermanent — they may come and they may go away but the consciousness that resides inside the form is the one that is permanent.

The more I realized this , the more I chose to hold on to the permanent rather than the impermanent.

Our beautiful Indian tradition of saying “namaste/namaskaram” is a grand reminder of this concept. When we say namaste by folding our palms in front of our heart and looking at the person in front of us, we acknowledge that the body is the temple and that the Divine resides inside each body/form, so when we say namaste, the Divine in us is saluting the Divine in the other person.

I can understand your feelings of irritation that you are talking about.

Do you know that on this planet there is no “me” and “the other person”?  It is only me, everyone is a form of me, separation is only in the mind, it is an illusion.

This is a cosmic comedy, everything around us is a reflection of our own selves.

And that is why every religion and every great master who came into the Planet talks about doing unto others what we want them to do unto us. This is a grand secret to the way of wisdom and freedom!

We get irritated with people when we see our faults in them, so I truly feel that each person is a representation of every aspect of ourselves, they come into our lives as gifts so that we can see ourselves and choose the attributes that we would wish to live by.

Some people are examples showing us how to live our lives in a wonderful way, and some people teach us how not to live our lives.

So every one in a way is our teacher, it is wise to take that which you want and to give thanks for all the revelations that life brings to us in mysterious ways.

Realizing this we can easily drop our judgments about people, this will take us to our expansion beyond the mind stories. This will bring us freedom, help us to gather wisdom in every situation and allow us to live as our Divine Selves on this Planet.

Forgetting to live as our Divine Selves is the only illusion on this Planet.

I trust that I have answered your question.

Premlatha Rajkumar




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12 thoughts on “How is it Possible to Show the Same Love and Affection to Everyone?”

  1. Hello,
    May I please ask which mudra is depicted in the picture at the beginning of the article “HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO SHOW THE SAME LOVE AND AFFECTION TO EVERYONE?”
    Thank you so much ♡

    1. The picture shows “gyan mudra” interlocked. The picture actually is not about the mudra, it is about uniting the yin and the yang of life that is why one hand is cold (blue) and one hand is hot (yellow) depicting the union of ice and fire. In order to live from the heart, from the truth of who we are we choose to go beyond the game of duality (the opposites/ the yin and the yang/ the dark and the light/ the ice and the fire) This is where we face our fear and live from conscious awareness. Trust that your question is answered my friend. Blessings!

  2. Reblogged this on Awaken to Your Joy and commented:
    The most important reminder is that life/reality is always kind enough to show us how to live our lives, and it is our responsibility to be alert and awake <3

  3. Yes, indeed, truly ” a biggie” as you put it so rightly. I feel that it is very important to keep ourselves out of stress, become more kind towards oneself and avoid violent thoughts that say, “he said, she said, he did this to me, she did this to me” Kindness towards oneself is the number one priority. Thank you for sharing your wise thoughts my dear friend. Loving YOU, Jasmine! Hugs <3

  4. Thank you for your answer, Premlatha. It takes a long time, I think, to completely grasp that the person who irritates us so much is an aspect of ourselves, even though we may accept that intellectually. In such situations, it helps to have some self-compassion and not put pressure on ourselves to actually like the other person. But it is very helpful to be able to see the divinity within them and value them as fellow human beings–even if we do not like them!

    1. Thank you for sharing your wise thoughts Terri, yes, we do not need to like the person, we only need to get ourselves out of stress and realize that the world brings us grand examples to live by. Loving heart hugs to you my dear friend <3

  5. Thank you, Premlatha <3 Very wise words to live by! When there is conflict or unpleasantness of any kind, it can only come from the ego-mind-personality construct which is not real and feeds the illusion of separation. It is not who or what any of us really are. Only the heart is real. And to feel or show love (or its absence) is always a choice. <3

    Love, Amber

    1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom my dear friend, yes I completely agree with you, “only the heart is real” and we have a choice always! Blessings and love to you!

  6. Thank you for your message dearest Premlatha—it’s so true. And even if we say we know this theoretically, how it takes a real focus from within the heart space to make this so on a practical level. And what freedom it brings to become more and more able to put this into practice! It’s part of the path to a light heart! With much love to you and yours always, Orchid <3

    1. Thank you for this wise observation dear Orchid, you are a gentle heart! Yes, absolutely, putting this theory to practice is a grand adventure, but most important than anything is to get ourselves out of stress by observing everything outside us as examples that we can choose from. Again and again the reminders are to keep ourselves out of stress and not lose our joy. Loving YOU my friend!

  7. Dear Premlatha, thank you for answering this question – which many people undoubtedly have – in such concise way. The illusion of separation is indeed “a biggie”, as it makes us believe that there even could be an “other”. Much love <3

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