Lemuria Rising – a Preview (part 1)

Join us on our magical trip of exploration within the Algarve in which we, from the Rising Way, travel in our ‘MerkaVan’ to visit Sagres and Praia de Luz, Portugal, in the Algarve, where Lemuria is Rising!

The Algarve is the only land in Europe which has a direct connection to Lemuria and Atlantis. Both Sagres and Praia de Luz play an important role in this connection and in the re-activation of the Flower of Life grid, which was spoken about during Gaia’s message in our third Ascension Hangout, aired November 14, 2014.

On this sunny day in December, we’d like to take you with us to discover these and many other pearls of understanding as Kwan Yin discusses the original manifestation of Lemuria in the Algarve, the rise of the Flower of Life grid, and the connection to inter-dimensionality as well as to your ascended self in this pivotal moment of the now.

Kwan Yin calls out to your Lemurian heart to be of service to Gaia, together with all animal and plant life, and to support this magical endeavour which will change you and all of life on planet Earth forever.

This is part one of a multi-part video recorded on Monday, December 8, 2014, by the crew behind TheRisingWay.com and AscendoSphere.com.

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2 thoughts on “Lemuria Rising – a Preview (part 1)”

  1. What a truly magical day! I feel infinitely blessed to have been part of our first discovery tour of the Algarve, that beautiful part of the world in Southern Europe we are living in right now. Not only was it a joy to be experiencing this with the whole Rising Way team family, but also the information shared by Kwan Yin really made all our hearts sing! We are very happy to be sharing this with all of you in a series of videos.

    Gaia greeted us with the most stunning and warm December day, brilliantly clear skies, lush green undulating hills and deep blue sea, while Kwan Yin shared information about Lemuria and Atlantis which has never found its way into the human history books as of yet.

    With our upcoming Lemuria Rising Events – and so much more which will be revealed very soon – we can all take an active part in the creation of a New Earth by activating the Flower of Life grid once again. This, as part of our ascension process, is what we’ve come here to do.

    This truly is Hono Lena’i’ja, our (and your) point of home <3

  2. Magical is definitely the word for how this day felt for all of us. We had said we would do some exploring of the Algarve in our MerkaVan and on this day, it finally happened. For us to all be together and to begin to visit these very special places in the Algarve, places that have such a strong connection to Lemuria and Atlantis, and to begin to learn more about this area, and to experience this on a beautiful sunny day—well, let’s just say it was a day that touched us deeply within the heartspace!

    We felt the joy of being together as a family and that includes our connection to all who are part of this grand adventure but who weren’t able to be here physically yet.

    We felt as one heart, beaming out our love and our passion for the ascension process and for all of us. And the day activated great anticipation for what is to come for all of us for our Ascended Teachers have MUCH to share with us, information which when we hear it, our lives will never be the same.

    With the deepest of love and gratitude for Ascended Life, sending out so much love to the rest of our family, and looking forward to meeting you someday very soon in the physical, Orchid <3

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