At this Auspicious Time, I Want You to Know…


At this auspicious time in your life, I want you to know…

…that you are the creator of your reality. Creation, in this now moment, is inviting you to see the infinity of your existence.

Creation wants you to know that you are Creation and the Creator, you exist within the torus vortex of the Inter-Creational relationship between You and the Heart of All Things.

No matter what you are faced with, no matter the hardships or difficulties that might be playing themselves out in your life, you hold the cards and you own the deck.

Everything that is showing up in your surroundings right now that might prove tough or even incomprehensible, whether it has started recently or is already playing out for a long time, whether it involves situations generated by those around you or those that have left you, or whether it is about health, abundance, mental anguish or what else may appear to come your way…

…all of these situations are finite, yet you are infinite.

top-secret-smoothie-infinity-8jpg-300x234You are the infinite creator of your reality and you are its (your own) infinite creation. Everything that happens to you is, by necessity of linearity, finite. Yet, everything that happens inside of you is, by default, infinite and unique.

Once you realise this simple truth and you ‘realise’ it within your torus vortex, you will start to be able to decide the length of the finite nature of circumstances, and you can once again take charge.

And with this realisation, you will bring the magic that you so seek — the auspiciousness of synchronicity and the elegance of grace — into focus, allowing you to take center stage, as the King and Queen on the Throne of Your Existence, once more.

Never forget: you call the shots, including your choice to let others do so… or not.

You are Love, You are Loved.

This, my Dear One, is what I want you to know.

Embrace this Truth, and you will embrace yourSelf  ∞  evermore.

Kwan Yin

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6 thoughts on “At this Auspicious Time, I Want You to Know…”

  1. Thank you, dear Kwan Yin, for reminding us of this basic truth. How easily we forget that we are the creator and the creation, that anything that “happens” in our reality is our creation. Mind doesn’t want to know this and is quick to point a finger to someone else for the issues we might find ourselves faced with. However, there is no “someone else”. It is all us, all the time. <3 All my love <3

  2. So true, yes 🙂 , in our everyday life we so easily forget about the infinite world that lies beyond our material reality. I try to remind myslef about it as much a I can.
    When I (my mind) focus on everyday life I forget about it all and somehow am enchanted by the everyday things (illusions).
    But then in moments of meditation and connecting with ALL, everyday life seems to fade away for a moment and I dissolve into infinity. Then I remember how life should “feel” and be like, so much peace, love and light out there. I wish everyone could feel what it could be like <3

  3. What a perfect message for this moment in time when the inner and outer reality often just don’t seem to match up. You hear it all around, this time seems challenging for many. The so called 3D world and outer reality is running its course of finite existence and it does not look pretty.

    It is so good to be reminded of this truth of the higher perspective, to focus on the inner attributes of love, joy, freedom, truth and life and to move through the challenges like this, creating the beautiful world we know to be possible.

    Thank you Kwan Yin, I feel blessed and I am very happy that this message is going out to many. <3

  4. Thank You Dearest Kwan Yin for this inspiring post. Understanding that we are infinite inside is the key to being “The Creator” and living this life as a sovereign Being


  5. A soaring heart reading this message….thank you dear Kwan Yin! When we look at our ‘difficult times,’ it has to be the truth that they are invitations….to see the situation with some element of neutrality, to be
    able to sustain some level of clarity and see the big picture….it has to be about us becoming able to see the power we have as infinite creators. Once we are able to see this, life will never be the same. And we are on our way to better understand the truth about reality creation. The truth is that it’s up to us. What do we choose?
    So much love for all of us during these stunningly transformational times! Orchid <3

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