Beyond Love and Light

Back in January 2007, the year the teachings of the Cosmic Manifest were shared with the world, the group of unity consciousness known simply as “the Twelve” gave us this little nugget. Quite ahead of their time:

“Consciousness is not easily definable. We tell you that when you are in a state of consciousness there will be joy in your cells. In every part of your body, in every activity you undertake and in every song you listen to. This is a state of consciousness.

We ask you, therefore, to go beyond love and light. Don’t look for love and light but for energy.

Be aware that when you work with light, you automatically work with darkness and when you work with love, you automatically work with fear.

As a cosmic master you can solve this duality by unifying the positive pole called “light” with the negative pole called “darkness” and create a neutral pole and see this as energy to work with. That’s how you can uncreate the darkness and the fear in your life.

Don’t focus on the opposite side, on the opposite pole of the energies of light and love. This was a process that helped you on your journey, but doesn’t serve you any longer.”

– Excerpted from the Cosmic Manifest (Imzaia Archives)
“Beyond Time and Space, Part 1”

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3 thoughts on “Beyond Love and Light”

  1. The love and light concept stems from the The New Age Movement, which has been put into our reality by the powers that wanted to be in order to make us think we were conscious so that we would not realize that we were only expanding our personality and, therefore, limiting ourselves even more. They captured all these beautiful souls who were called to move on in a space we call “Spiritual Mind”. It is a space that mimics consciousness. Like everything in this reality, it is an illusory and finite space.

    The above paragraph given to us by “The Twelve” told us 8 years ago already that we had to move beyond that concept. Not many understood this back then, but with the grand awakening of humanity having come into a quickening now, people are starting to understand what consciousness is about and how much we’ve been fooled for the longest time. Fortunately, many people no longer accept a partial and twisted truth.

    I am elated that this grand work of the Cosmic Manifest, teaching us everything that is relevant on our ascension path, is finally being made available for everyone on the planet who wishes to find it. My deep gratitude, Kwan Yin, for putting these timeless teachings online.

    Love always, Jasmine <3

  2. This is amazing because this is how I have been shown and told for a very long time but last night it came through with such clarity and then I read about it just now here..
    So thx for the confirmation and the synchronisity of energies in motion.?

  3. We will be speaking about this topic soon on our broadcasts. There is much to say. Ascension is not about spirituality. It is about reality. There is much misinformation and disinformation associated with the topic of ascension. And there are reasons for this which we will also discuss. Those who have actually ascended and who can share the practical metaphysics of the personal ascension process.will speak about ascension. If you have questions, send them our way! Hope to see you there! Love, Orchid Rising <3

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