Beyond Good or Bad

According to the TAO:

“When people see some things as good, other things become bad.”

In this world of duality consciousness, we have practiced our minds to see some things as good and some things as bad. Also, the mind has a storehouse of filed ideas and thoughts about good and bad as perceived by our senses and as taught by society. We are the Creators and the organizers of this entire play of good or bad.

The meaning for everything in life is the meaning we give it. We are absolutely responsible for our creation. No one else is responsible to make us feel good or bad.  We give meaning to life’s situations and create judgments. We continue to judge others and ourselves, creating pain, stress, and divisions against ourselves and other people.

Resistance, comparison, and competition become the theme of everyday situations. We start at a very early age with thoughts of:
“I am not good enough, I cannot be satisfied with myself, I have to be better, bigger, faster, smarter,” and the list goes on and on.

Then, it plays out with our relationships with other people, other countries, and the world at large. Division occurs and there becomes a huge amount of pain and anguish in the heart.

Life as a human, with the mind anchored in judgment, creates suffering. The suffering is always because of the perception of good or bad. Running the race is good, but when it is judged as winning or losing, then it becomes suffering. Pain is an experience but when it is judged as bad, it becomes suffering.

The heart is the place of purity, a place where there is oneness, and a place of undivided limitlessness. We are great magnificent beings who chose to keep a tiniest part of ourselves in these human bodies to experience the gift of a human life. We have forgotten our magnificence, and only our heart knows this greater part of our being. Hence, the heart is never compromised by the illusion of judgments of good or bad.

To live in oneness with the heart, brings comfort and peace. To live in oneness with the heart, one has to “die”. In this contemplation, I am reminded of the verse in the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi:

“It is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”

If you watch people on their deathbeds, they have a radiant smile, they know there is no hope, the decision-making is now out of their hands, and out of their minds. They are experiencing freedom!

The real truth about dying while alive is letting go of all of the divisions of good or bad, going beyond good or bad, going beyond what appears to be, being in a neutral state, and being in a place of choice-less consciousness. It is the art of getting out of the mind, watching the mind, and being a witness.

Just stopping to watch the mind while taking short breaths of awareness, brings greater understanding and helps to drop all illusions of good or bad. For only we are capable of making ourselves suffer by believing our thoughts and by constantly arguing with reality. Thoughts are never personal, they do not stay, they come, and they go. It is our choice to personalize them or not.

No person in this world has the power to make us scared, angry, sad, or stressed. Only we have the power to do this to ourselves. Such fear based emotions arise out of personalizing our thoughts and beliefs about the world around us, and they are the insanity of being at war with reality.

Let us choose to go beyond the concept of good or bad, as we are powerful beings and it is possible for us.


Twelve Steps to Inner Peace

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5 thoughts on “Beyond Good or Bad”

  1. Thank you Dear Premlatha <3!
    Such deep and wonderful insights. <3
    Alas thus far, for the likes of me, the vascillating mind has obscured the True Meaning and True Vision to everything in its range … meaning based on past experiences. It's like the mind is hand-in-glove with the past.
    What a set-up, what an entrapment … going nowhere slowly … !

    1. “The mind is hand-in-glove with the past” … That’s a great way of expressing it, dear Ami, thank you! And, of course, stepping onto the ascension path and entering the training, which is unquestionably required, will strongly assist in releasing the “entrapment” of “going nowhere slowly” … Here is to You, Rising, dear Sister! <3

  2. Beautiful post dearest sister and very wise words! We are either in the heart or we are in a mental space. When it doesn’t feel good, we are in mind. That is the moment to take a breath as you said, and go back to the heart. Then we choose again. That is the simplicity of it. Love you lots and big hug! <3

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