Bringers of the New Paradigm

We are so fascinated by dramas, we love the theater, the TV serials and all kinds of stage performances. It is important to notice our fascination with the roles of victims, villains and heroes in these dramas.

Unconsciously we identify with these roles and continue to play them in our everyday lives. We create these identities based on mind stories of good and bad. The more unaware we are, the more we are trapped in the roles of victim, villain and hero.

Assigned Roles

Society, family, and religion assign these roles for us to play through many belief systems of fear. We desperately want to fit into these roles to please and to prove. This traps us indefinitely in the struggles of life that bring pain and bondage.

These roles are played within our every relationships, whether it be spouse, parents, children, friends, relatives, strangers, or co-workers.

Shifting into awareness, we find ourselves playing this game by exaggerating, making bigger and giving names through mind stories. Without blame, guilt or lies there would be no roles to play, instead there would only be healthy responsible relationships based on honest communications.

The moment we bring conscious awareness into the role playing, there is a shift in consciousness. Awareness is the key. Transformation begins with awareness.

Victim, Villain, Rescuer, Prosecutor

Belief systems and lying to one’s own self keeps one stuck in these roles. These roles always bring pain, powerlessness, and irresponsibility, they can never make one to stand in truth and freedom.

The moment we choose to play any one of these roles, we will end up playing all roles eventually.

Victim consciousness is based on the belief that everyone in the world is ‘out there to get me’. It is a constant looking out for what is wrong with the world. There is always a pity party going on that brings mind stories of “poor me”, “you are bad”, “bad things happen to me.”

If you perceive yourself as someone’s rescuer you find yourself as someone’s victim, while at the same time that person will perceive you as the persecutor. We continue to attach to these roles emotionally and judge everything around us.

The Universe Is our Mirror

The basic and most important truth is that we create our reality, absolutely, there is nothing called a coincidence or an accident. At some level we create it all. We have to remember that this Universe is our mirror, which truly reflects everything we send out.

Therefore when we hold on to the idea that we are victims, the Universe thinks that we want to experience being a victim, and we will find villain consciousness in our space for us to experience our victim consciousness.

The Universe will bring to us more of what we hold in our consciousness till we wake up and take responsibility for what we are choosing to experience.

The ego loves role play, and if we are asleep we feel stuck in the dramas of the ego. As long as we continue to wage war between opponents, between two sides, or between good and bad we will continue to play these dramas of victim, villains, and heroes.

No matter which part we play in the struggle, we are actually perpetuating the struggle by keeping ourselves stuck in this duality game.

Eradication of Beliefs

As long as we think that we have to eradicate evil, we get trapped in this mindless game of being victim, villain, or hero.

It takes discernment to refuse to play these roles, and discernment comes from living from the heart, connecting to the ‘kingdom within’. Any belief comes from the fear in the ego — freedom involves eradication of beliefs.

There is no God ‘out there’ to serve, the Creator dwells in all beings, in all things seen and unseen. The true Creator can be found within, thus every master who came to the Planet spoke about connecting to the “Kingdom within”. Aligning to the kingdom within, reveals the Creator that is in all life.

This understanding will help one to go beyond this game of duality. It will help to let go of the desire for justice, revenge, or of making up for the wrongs by committing more wrongs. Understanding the Creator within, will lead to unconditional love, trust, and surrender, which is the grandest devotion to the Divine.

The Golden Key

Instead of fighting, resisting, or feeling victimized when we choose to surrender and trust unconditionally, we go beyond the duality game and life opens innumerable opportunities for us. By our choice we also inspire others to realize that there is more to life than involving in the duality struggle.

The challenge in this new paradigm is to refuse to play these roles and trust life to open up new and beautiful opportunities.

Being in integrity with oneself is the key to get out of this role play and evolve ourselves into a new paradigm of love and truth. Accepting, approving, and loving the self is the golden key that leads to freedom.

We are the bringers of the New Paradigm, we are the new evolving humanity. The new paradigm has no beliefs, only love and truth.

Let us choose to create this New Paradigm today.

Premlatha Rajkumar

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8 thoughts on “Bringers of the New Paradigm”

  1. Namaste to you all gentle people of “The Rising Way” team! _/_ I appreciate all that you are and all that you do beloveds. Great is your work among humanity! May you be immensely blessed in all that you do!

  2. Thank you dear Premlatha for this great message! The grandness of us as creators cannot be understood by the mind for in this way it will remain a theoretical concept. This understanding is felt deeply in the heart. It is very much worth all the work on Self for the joy and freedom it brings when we can feel it is immeasurable. Love you sister! Big hug! Orchid <3

  3. Brilliant post, dear Premlatha! You are so very right, the roles imposed on us by family, friends, religions, and society in general only keep us limited and stuck in a mental paradigm. We are forever victim and perpetrator. We are never ourselves; instead, we comply and allow ourselves to be a slave to the old paradigm.

    Being aware and becoming the observer of our reality rather than the victim is paramount if we want to transcend all that does not serve us anymore – becoming a conscious creator rather than one that creates by default.

    Blessings and much love, dear sister <3

    1. Yes, thank you for sharing this beautiful path with me my sweet soul sister Jasmine. Much honored by your sweet Presence! Loving YOU!

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