How Can I Connect With My Divinity Within?

Some dear friends have been asking this question and so I am sharing the solutions that helped me in an amazing way:

“I am going through so much pain in my relationships. I want to forgive and forget everything and everyone, but I don’t know how to apply it in the real world and for all situations.”


Thank you for sharing your heart with me, my friend.

For eons because of the fall in consciousness, the only illusion on this planet is forgetting our Divinity. Since many are unconscious of being unconscious, they keep on doing things that are not relevant to true human nature.

True human nature is kindness, compassion, and truth.

As children we are taught again and again that we are not good enough and that  we are not deserving of this or that. This has made us forget our Divinity — we forget to love ourselves, and we continuously criticize ourselves.

This world is our mirror, hence, if we smile, the mirror smiles back — and, if we scowl, it will definitely scowl back at us. Also, if we love ourselves, the mirror reflects and brings loving people into our lives; if we criticize ourselves, then the mirror reflects and brings us negative people who criticize and deplete our energy.

No one can understand you, dear one, because every person who sees you , sees you only through their mind story, their picture of you in their mind — no one can feel your emotions or know your thoughts.

You are a grand being of immense love and light, you lived before you came into this body. You now live in this physical body and the body comes and goes, but who you are is ever eternal, an infinite being, which can never die nor be born, never be harmed or damaged in anyway.

All situations and experiences have been created by you in order for you to gather wisdom and bring peace.

So, the only person who can love you, understand you, appreciate you, and be kind to you… is you, yourself. No one can do this for you. Expecting others to do this for you is where you create confusion and stress.

The moment you realize that it is you who has to change, you are on the right path towards progress.

In my journey, the key that I found in my life is to love myself immensely, to love and approve of myself so that I need not expect anyone else to do it for me.

We have never learned to love ourselves, so it is very important to practice loving the Self — not in selfishness, but because the Self is the temple where the Divine resides. Connecting with our Divinity within can happen only when we start loving the Self and be kind to the Self.

There are a few simple exercises that you can do to connect with your Divinity within. They are very simple, but have profound results. The magic of these exercises is absolutely to be found in your willingness to do them diligently.

The simple exercises I share with you are just pointers to remind you of your true Self which is complete and unconditional love.

The more you realize yourself as the perfect loving infinite being, the more you will make peace with your situation and the more you will be able to make wise decisions in your life.

These are some simple exercises that I would suggest you do sincerely as many times as you can everyday. Your success depends on your diligence:

Exercise 1 ∞ Mantras for Forgiveness

Mantras are words that empower. However, words are just words until we bind them with our feelings. Therefore, every affirmation we say needs to be bound with our feelings, has to be said aloud or silent, or must be written many times a day.

This helps to erase the past that has been programmed by many years of conditioning, and energetically rewrites the future that we want for ourselves.

Forgiveness Mantra:

“I forgive anyone whom I think has harmed me in this life or any lifetime, anywhere ever, in my space.

I forgive all debts; I erase all karma. I choose the Light of Understanding to light my path Now.”

To specifically forgive someone who is in your space right now, do the following as many times a day as you can by pouring your feelings into every word and making it true for you —it works like magic:

“I forgive and release ___ (name) unto God. This person ___(name) is in her/his right place at all times.

I choose freedom for myself; I am free, ___(name) is free.

I decree that my words go forth unto infinite mind and bring it to pass . And so it is!”

Forgiveness is key, a powerful tool, and the first step to Inner Peace.

Exercise 2 ∞ Create a Gratitude Journal

Make a Gratitude Journal for yourself, keep it in a special place, and, everyday, enter at least 3 or more things in life that you are grateful for.

It can be as simple as the air you breathe, your loved ones, the supporting nature around you, the food, clothing, a kind word from a friend, etc.

As you start this journal you will find that there are innumerable things that you can be thankful for and you will come into joy with no boundaries.

Exercise 3 ∞ Heart connection

As many times as you can, create a silent and quiet moment for yourself, place your hands on your physical heart, notice your breath moving in and out of your body for sometime, and then start noticing your heartbeat if you can.

You can also recite this simple mantra silently:

“I AM my heart…”

Exercise 4 ∞ Loving the Self

This mantra can be memorized and spoken as many times during the day as possible, while shopping, washing dishes, cooking,… anytime, anywhere.

This mantra gets its power only from your feeling. Feel every sentence as you say it and make it true for you.

Love yourself because you deserve your own love, love yourself because you are the temple where the Divine resides.

Connecting to your divinity within begins only from the place of loving the self:

The mantra/affirmation (from Louise Hay)

“I love myself,
I am wonderful.

Today is one of the best days of my life.
Everything is working out for my highest good.

Whatever I need to know is revealed to me.
Whatever I need comes to me.

All is well.”

You can also write this mantra down as many times as you can like a love letter for yourself.

Do these simple exercises daily, with complete sincerity towards yourself, as you remember that this will be a most powerful gift you give yourself, humanity, and this Planet.

Premlatha Rajkumar




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  1. <3 thank you Premlatha for these exercises of forgiveness! I am surely going to use them <3 much gratitude <3

  2. Thank you for your message dear Premlatha! And thanks for exercises that can help us, when we are in a mental space, come back to the heart. Love having your radiant heart with us! Big hug from everyone here! With much love, Orchid <3

    1. Thank you Sweet Orchid, receiving your love, kindness and hugs, I am so blessed! Many blessings and much love to each and every one of the Rising Way team!

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