Planetary & Personal Ascension

What is the difference between ascension on a planetary scale versus the personal process of ascension? Is the ascension process different in the 21st Century compared to what we know about it through esoteric & metaphysical history?

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The clips focus on practical metaphysics, personal & planetary ascension, heart-based empowerment and universal enlightenment.

Watch the full 30-minute Carl Calleman interview mentioned in this Rising Clip.

One thought on “Planetary & Personal Ascension”

  1. Love this short to-the-point clip. <3 These can be hard concepts to grasp fully and there is much more that can be said (and explored in more depth on The Rising Way's ascension platform and interactive community at This will help to dispel much of the confusion that exists around planetary and personal ascension, the former we are all moving through, and the latter a choice for infinite life and a path that is now opening up to all of Humanity, out in the open, and available to all who freely choose this path. What could be more exciting? Thank you for creating these short clips, dear Kwan Yin <3. They should truly help many!

    Love, Amber

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