The End of Reincarnation

In this excerpt, Kwan Yin discusses the evolution of planetary ascension in 2015 and beyond, focusing on the conclusion of the involuntary ascension cycle for humanity.

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The clips focus on practical metaphysics, personal & planetary ascension, heart-based empowerment and universal enlightenment.

4 thoughts on “The End of Reincarnation”

  1. We’re loving ‘Rising Clips!’ Lots of fun creating them! Enjoy them and the freedom available to all of us now for true expansion. Great one on the topic of reincarnation. Transformational times we all find ourselves in–wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you dear Kwan Yin for the message and for the creation of ‘Rising Clips!’ With much love, Orchid <3

  2. This is truly exciting information, the potentials of which are mind-blowing and awe inspiring! The beauty of creation and all that means just keeps tickling the heart as we continue to surf the cosmic waves approaching cosmic adulthood and all that entails! Gives me goosebumps on a regular basis! Feeling groovy!

    Love, Amber <3

  3. I am most grateful to be apart of The Rising Way! I appreciate you sharing your wisdom.. It pleases me.. Love, peace, harmony and blessings.. Namaste!!

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