You Are the Treasure

You Are the Treasure

You are a TREASURE. Nothing that you will ever experience on this Earth Plane can change that.

It is only our Learned Fears and False Beliefs that shift attention away from our Greatness. This keeps us on an endless journey of seeking Love and Happiness in every direction.

The Real Spiritual Journey is about Finding who we ALREADY ARE. The only place to find that answer is HERE.

Stop searching.
The Treasure lies within.

Here, you will Rediscover your connection to Source or the Energy some choose to call God.

You do, indeed, have the Power to transform your life.

The Key is Yours.
The Treasure is YOU.

© Eric Allen

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2 thoughts on “You Are the Treasure”

  1. So great to see your beautiful message here dear Eric! <3 And it's so true! Once we 'get this,' everything changes. It's well worth whatever we all have to slog through to reach this space and then be able to maintain it continuously and consistently. That's what counts. Ascended Life continues to teach by example. Deep gratitude for this. With love for all of us, Orchid <3

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