Akashic Records, the 7th Dimension & Soul Energy ft. Andrew Bartzis

Akashic records, the cosmic energy origin of Earth and the light being at the heart of our human form is discussed in the first of two interviews on metaphysics with Andrew Bartzis.

The significance of 12/12 leads us into an exploration of karma, free will and the cycles of planetary genocide.

From the dinosaurs, to Babylon and Egypt; the remnants of soul shards navigating the quantum psychic machinery of existence, plus the modern royals (from the Rothschilds to the Queen of England) — it is an expansive first part of TheLipTV’s uncensored Buzzsaw interviews with Bartzis, hosted by Sean Stone.


Source: TheLipTV WebsiteTheLipTV on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Akashic Records, the 7th Dimension & Soul Energy ft. Andrew Bartzis”

  1. Absolutely brilliant interview! If you thought you knew things, think again! This is a truly fascinating video with information that will make your head spin. I might have to watch a couple of times to take it all in.
    Thank you for posting this, Kwan Yin. Much love <3

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