The Head Kakra (Akonai) and the Mind

One of our dear subscribers asked me the following questions:

“Is it the mind that creates all the illusions about our identity and personality (material reality), or does it only create them when the three kakras are not balanced – when the heart and the belly kakra are shut down so that we only operate from the mind and as such don’t realize the illusion it creates, preventing us from seeing the truth?

And when the three kakras are balanced, can the mind then know the truth or does it always create illusions?

Can I see the head kakra as the mind or are these two very different? “


Thank you for your interesting questions, dear subscriber. I trust that the answer will benefit many.

First of all, we differentiate between the akashic mind and the akonaic mind. The akashic mind is what we call the “mental mind”. It  cannot generate thoughts; it can only copy what it has learned already, or it can run programs that it is fed in various fourth-dimensional, archetypical ways. It is indeed the one responsible for creating the illusions and it is the space where the personality exists.

The personality is a construct made up of three main pillars of identification – which could be gender, authority, lack, consumer, or repetition identification, and the like. These are the prevalent personality pillars current humans are saddled up with. You don’t choose them. They have been imprinted on our DNA thousands and thousands of years ago, at the time that various races started to tamper with our DNA and created the illusion of separation or the “veil”. As such, those pillars get strengthened with every incarnation, until we disentangle ourselves from them on our ascension path. ¹

The pillars of identification form the base of a pyramidal structure held up by the ego that exists in the first kakra – the head kakra or the Akonai. As such, the head kakra is not the mind but it is the space in which it exists. Each kakra (head, heart, belly) can be seen as a sphere divided into four ‘quadrants’, each with their own function. The personality construct and its pillars exist in the third and fourth quadrant of the first – or head – kakra, as a three-dimensional pyramid. This tiny geometry is filled up with programming. It determines our thoughts, our beliefs, our habits, our movements, our actions – in short, everything about our personality. 

If you really think about it, it’s quite staggering. Everything you believe about yourself is illusion, a finite mental construct. The way you do things is programmed. The way you think is programmed. They way you move is programmed. What you believe in is programmed, and all because of your three pillars of identification. Once we realize the illusory construct of it all, we will start seeing truth.

You will understand, therefore, that the Akashic Records also exist in that same space. They, too, have been created to keep us limited, albeit in a higher linear dimension. People often think that gaining access to the Akashic Records is the bee’s knees, but it is nothing more than a golden cage, as Lao Tze explained in A Meditation for the Mind:

“The Akashic record, while being so praised within your spiritual circles in the 21st century on the planet, from the perspective and the perception of ascension is nothing but a list of chains, a list of disempowerment, an overview of all the belief systems that your personalities throughout the lives have taken on board as theirs, a list of ingredients of mind and matrix and matter that time and time and time again lock you in.

Similarly to the more ethereal aspects of yourself, that with each lifetime bring back certain qualities like music or craftsmanship, any of these things, so too the akashic record brings into your life with every incarnation the exact settings, the exact circumstances, and indeed the exact things that will allow you with a guarantee that goes far beyond the 99% range to be locked down, to be locked into your life and your expression of personality, over and over again.”

– Lao Tze, A Meditation for the Mind

The akonaic mind, the conscious mind, is a very different space. Unlike the akashic mind, it does not store experiences. It does not need to. Ekara called it “the memory of the now”. It is the divine mind where all you ever need to know is accessible at any given moment. It is holo-tona-graphic (based on a tonal template in a holographic matrix) and it is directly connected to the holographic brain, to which it sends and from which it receives akeneic information. It would be redundant, therefore, to have any storage capacity. And very unlike the akashic mind, it generates thoughts and ideas without the need for them to be programmed into it. When you access the akonaic mind, you are indeed able to see truth, as the illusions belong to the akashic mind.

Again, I would like to quote Lao Tze:

“So you see, both in the akashic state and in the akonaic state, reality is not what it appears. Matter in both states appears to you as matter, but its building blocks are very different in each state.

In the former state, we observe these building blocks being generated from outside of you; in the latter state you see these building blocks being generated from within.

When properly accessing the Akonai, one can surround oneself with a reality purely generated by the sovereign self.

When this occurs, you open the door and pave the way for the heart space, the Akene, and the belly space, the Adonai, to function at maximum capacity.”

– Lao Tze, A Meditation for the Mind

I trust that this answers your questions. You might want to listen to Lao Tze’s Meditation for the Mind, as you will find many a pearl of wisdom about the akashic and the akonaic mind in that teaching.

Furthermore, these questions about the mind, the kakras, and so on, will also be the topic of several of our upcoming Ascension Hangouts, where Kwan Yin or any of the Ascended Master Teachers will deepen our understanding of those concepts, and they will be covered in depth in a new Study Group, soon to be activated on the AscendoSphere, called The Five Breaths, in which Kwan Yin will systematically discuss the basics behind these systems for ascension, allowing you to build a strong foundational level of knowledge and experience on which to build your own ascension process.

Jasmine Martin

¹ To find out what your pillars of identification are, you can book a Rising Session with one of my colleagues, Kwan Yin, or me — or an Ascension Scan with Kwan Yin. This will help you to clearly understand your personality construct and your patterning, which makes it easier to stop identifying with any of them.




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5 thoughts on “The Head Kakra (Akonai) and the Mind”

  1. A great question asked and a great response dear Jasmine! This is truthful information, although new to many of us. It is not the information which has been fed to us to keep us locked into the current system of reality. And yes, to us it is quite a stunning realisation that we are not who we thought we were. And these mental programs do need to be undone. Crucial to undoing them is cultivating the inner attributes of love, joy, freedom, truth, and life. In their simplicity, the complexity of the mind is undone. Can’t wait for ‘The Five Breaths’ study group! ‘The Five Breaths’ is powerful and effective. Very much looking forward to talking about these things on upcoming broadcasts! With much love, Orchid <3

  2. Thanks for the lovely article. Most of my life I have misunderstood the mind and thought it was a kind of a King but maybe it was more a kind of a dictator 🙂
    I am looking forward to this new study group!!
    much love <3

    1. You’re very welcome! Yes, dictator, a good way of putting it, what we create internally we experience as manifest around us. Change the relationship to our mind and the world will follow suit. 🙂 We’re very excited about the study group and everything else that’s coming up as well! And we received your great questions about the MGI information, Kwan Yin is ever so thrilled with them, as is Ekara, both of whom are considering a follow up series to MGI based on your questions entirely! Keep ’em coming! 😉 Much Love to You! <3

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