Loving the Earth

As we all know, our Mother Earth is going through the Great Shift — this huge shift in consciousness, one that occurs once in 26,000 years. And usually in such a shift the entire planet is wiped out of all life, but we chose to stay with the Earth to consciously awaken ourselves.

When we connect with the Earth, everyday, from our heart and mind, the Earth will carry us smoothly along the shift, for the Earth is a Great wise being!

Due to the fall in consciousness, we forgot that the Earth and everything around us is very much alive, and very much willing to co-create with us. We thought we needed to make inventions to make things work and make ourselves so busy that we are not available to be there for others or even for ourselves — this further pushed us into the deepest slumber where we do not even understand that we are the sleeping creators of our reality.

Our bodies are borrowed earth, our emotions are borrowed energy, and our thoughts are borrowed information. Our Earth Mother nourishes us, shelters, clothes and heals us; this Planet is our home and humanity is our family.

Everything and anything that we consider to be US is actually stuff borrowed from Mother Earth, so it is wise to choose to live in oneness with the Earth and all its beings, for I believe that this will help us to truly reach home, to the heart of the Creator.

It is time we wake up and take responsibility to cherish and love ourselves, our Planet home and our human family. I have heard that the Tibetan Lama’s special ritual everyday is to sit on the ground and touch the Earth with their palms spread wide and send loving thoughts to Mother Earth. I feel the Earth responds lovingly to their kindness.

Let us choose to be kind to ourselves and to our Planet in every way we can!

Premlatha Rajkumar

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