Heal Yourself, Be Yourself: The Power of Earthing

Sometimes, the deepest and most profound truths and energy-based practices can be found in the simplest and most gracefully elegant of ways.

Take the notion of Grounding — or Earthing — for instance: mostly forgotten in this day and age, the idea that we are intrinsically connected to our planet in countless physical and ethereal ways is considered redundant by many and not even considered at all by most. Yet, our bodies are biological pearls of wonder and mystery, connected to Earth and her elements in every way possible.

When we remember this, and make it into a daily practice in our lives, the hidden mystery of the universe, of creation itself, opens up to one and all of us again, simply because we again choose consciously to connect and be part of the majestic tapestry of creation, which ultimately we are of course, whether we ‘like’ to be or not.

Let’s take a moment, take off our shoes, and discover more about this astounding interconnectedness that all of us, all life on Earth, seems to be part of:

SourceKroschel Films (Grounded / Heal For Free)

In this film, an Alaskan village’s community is transformed from a problem-based, pain-filled reality into a love-based, care-free one by the consistent act of Grounding alone. Follow the film-maker’s journey, as he and those around him discover the secret of the healing powers of our mother Earth, Gaia herself.

The film features Dr. Mercola and many other sources of nature-based healing research.

It goes without saying that Grounding or Earthing is about much more than physical health alone. These effects, however, are so intrinsically personal that we ended up deciding not to write about them in-depth — this is a uniquely internal journey of self-discovery.

Create Your Own Earthing Sheet

Living indoors disconnects us from our natural electric state and hinders our bodies ability to tell time. Earthing sheets simulate the effect of sleeping in direct contact with the Earth and reconnect us with the Schumann resonance.

If you like to create your own Earthing sheet, check out this video, which offers you a how-to guide in only 15 minutes:

For more information on sleeping grounded check out this blog post by Earth Runners.

Please note: This instructional video is for educational purposes only, please do not attempt to build your own Earthing sheet if you do not understand electrical.

SourceEarth Runners & Grounded Symbiosis

10 thoughts on “Heal Yourself, Be Yourself: The Power of Earthing”

  1. Brilliant article and wonderful videos! <3 Even those of us who honour Gaia and love the planet can easily take it for granted. Added to this is the fact that those who would keep us in the dark are not vested in the widespread use of this fundamental and beneficial knowledge. I loved "Grounded", an inspiring and touching story we can all use as a wake-up call to pay attention to the love, beauty, and energy that is Gaia, who co-creates our physicality and surrounds us, ready to offer each and every one of us more than most of us think is even possible. This information needs to get out there! Thank you for this amazing post!

    Love, Amber <3

  2. Beautiful blog! Much needed information! Thank you so much dear Kwan Yin. My husband has been using the grounding mat for more than a year now, it has greatly helped reduce inflammation.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your husband’s personal experiences with the grounding mat — I keep hearing & finding great results with reducing inflammation, how wonderful!

  3. Enjoying Gaia is a blessing of every single moment of Life. This is my deepest, most beautiful passionate and never ending love story. Thank you so much Kwan Yin, for saying that this is a uniquely internal journey of self-discovery. It so resonates with everything I AM.
    Much love to you Gaia and all life with you.

  4. Brilliant article! And ditto movie – an absolute Must Watch <3 I knew that grounding yourself was good for you, but until I watched this movie, I didn't understand just how powerful earthing is and how much unnecessary suffering could be avoided if people knew! I'd say: Let's spread the word <3

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