What Happens When a Planet Ascends?

What does life as an expansive, multi-dimensional being look like? What can we expect? In this short clip, taken from episode 5 of Mastering the Grand Illusions, Ekara discusses the human electromagnetic frequency field (EMF) and how electromagnetic energy on planet Earth will change drastically as part of the planetary ascension process.

Influences on human DNA – and what human DNA actually is made of – is discussed. Near the end of this clip, Ekara touches upon akeneic energy and what realtime features we can except when interacting with an ascended planet Earth.

Note: the Russian scientific discovery with regards to Earth’s magnetic field, mentioned by Ekara in this clip, was not distributed in mainstream news eventually, but did make it into several scientific magazines and publications.

Ultimately, the biggest mention made so far, since 2007 onward, appeared in David Wilcock’s books, “The Source Field Investigations” & “The Synchronicity Key”, published in 2012 and 2013 respectively. These books are available in most bookstores and via online retailers.

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2 thoughts on “What Happens When a Planet Ascends?”

  1. Absolutely fascinating clip dealing with what we personally can expect to experience (or already are experiencing) as part of the planetary ascension process! I guess one example could be remembering a ‘past event’ with an entirely new perspective, maybe with much more understanding and compassion. The quality of the event then becomes quite different than what we ‘remember.’ What an exciting ride! Love us all! <3

  2. You won’t find this information in a typical science class. 🙂 It is refreshing, to say the least, to learn the truth of consciousness, the world we live in and how our DNA really works, for example (much more about this is contained in the full Mastering the Grand Illusions series on the Ascendosphere @ http://www.ascendosphere.com for anyone interested reading this comment). We will ALL move through planetary ascension in one way or another. Best to be riding this wave consciously with all energetic systems on full throttle. These empowering Rising Clips are bite-sized, digestible pieces of information that shed much needed light on ‘how things really work’ and what’s ahead — and backwards, given that akeneic energy runs back and forth through the timeline. 🙂 We are so much more than we think! Thank you! <3

    Love, Amber <3

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