Sacred Human Connections

The last frontier of humanity is not the evolution of technology, but it is the evolution into Higher Consciousness. The projected world outside is the mirror image of the world inside. Every relationship becomes a tool for the evolvement of Higher Consciousness.

To become fully conscious of the true self, we need to understand that every single human being that comes into our space is a true reflection of us. If the person shows beauty, grace and wisdom, they are truly reflecting us, if they show greed, selfishness, or cruelty; they are also truly reflecting us. We live our lives denying our dark side.

One of the most important spiritual practices is to acknowledge our dark side and understand that a person with dark qualities comes into our lives in order for us to bring this quality into the light. The moment we acknowledge and forgive the dark side in us, and willingly embrace both the light and dark sides of ourselves, we come to a better understanding of the Universal consciousness, and we begin to heal ourselves and our relationships.

Healing ourselves can happen only by aligning ourselves with our Divine Presence. The more we align ourselves, the more we will love and be in joy with ourselves. We will start enjoying our own company because our life will no longer be mind-ridden as it will be from the place of devotion to the Divine. Life becomes an overflowing joy for no reason, joy becomes our true nature, and we do not need to depend on anyone to bring us joy or comfort. We become a well spring of joy, and our joy is so infectious that it embraces all life in unconditional love.

Aligning with Divinity every day helps us to be aware of the mind stories and to drop them. Letting go the mind stories and letting go of searching for reasons, we come into our freedom from suffering. Duality of the world is not the suffering, but the mind stories about the duality is the cause of suffering.

Every human relationship is also a creation from our consciousness. As souls we choose our parents and families to be born into and as we start growing up, our consciousness chooses to bring people into our lives for us to relate, interact and grow with. When we are living from the mind story, we start judging, comparing, competing, blaming, and finally suffering with our relationships.

According to the words of Rumi:

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you,
not knowing how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.

They’re in each other all along.”

People do not come into our lives by chance or by accident. From our deep consciousness we create them in our life. We call unto their souls to come and play with us. When we are in alignment with our Divine Presence, we relate to people with gratitude and respect. Our joy and unconditional love overflows and helps our partners and us to grow in wisdom and to expand in consciousness.

Every human is unique. Every person lives in his or her own mind created world, and every person has his or her own ideas, thoughts, and concepts. Every human relationship is sacred because every relationship triggers a conflict with the mind stories. You are not even aware of your mind stories until someone comes along to challenge them.

If you are living attached to your mind stories, much conflict and confusion will be created. But when you choose to align with your Divine Presence, you will be lead to drop your mind stories through the light of understanding. You will then be your own savior and you will not hold people responsible for your happiness. You will be aware that the sacredness of every human relationship is to help you to grow in wisdom and understanding.

Premlatha Rajkumar

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