The Nature of Desire

An Ascension Student asked me:

“I find myself in this now contemplating what desire is and how that differs from passion and thought that it would be lovely to have the ascended perspective on that…”


Desire, by its very nature, is a possible manifestation of the personality pillar, archetype and/or patterning known as “lack” and/or “consumer” identification.

Desire implies a void that needs to be filled in the future, or one that was once filled in the past.

Depending on the circumstances in which lack or consumer identification might manifest within the mind framework of an ascension student, it will always be accompanied by a time/space-based need or a drive for (re-)unification with a thing, person, or companionship in general.

“Aloneness”, albeit not a dictionary word, very much describes the core operating system behind desire. Thus, by its very nature, desire is strongly tied in with the Grand Illusion of Separation, one of 6 illusions that are explored in our “Mastering the Grand Illusions” video series, which you can find on this page of the AscendoSphere, our social media network based on practical metaphysics and personal ascension.

The Grand Illusions are: Form, Time, Space, Exchange, Death and Separation. For an easy understanding of how the Grand Illusions work, and how they connect and interact with one another, the MGI series often refers to the image of a hand:

6 Grand Illusions

If you imagine, for a moment, your five fingers as the physical manifestation of the illusions of form, space, death, exchange and time, then you can see the illusion of separation — the palm of your hand in this example — as the one that ties all the others together. It is considered the ‘first’ Grand Illusion because of this.

With the illusion of separation forming the backbone of the experience of desire, therefore, desire can enter one’s experience via the illusion of form (physical cravings or wants, people and things, places, physical actions, etc.), or via any of the other grand illusions, for that matter. It is easy to look at one’s own life experiences to find out for oneself how this has occurred and might do so again in the future.

Anything that enters the energy system and/or the biological system via the Grand Illusions can be considered as based on the emotional realm.

Ultimately, desire is an emotion, not a feeling.

One might ponder the difference between emotions and feelings, which is easy to explain: emotions are based on ‘passive attributes’ presented to one by anything in one’s outside reality trying to penetrate and enter the energy field, while feelings are based on ‘active attributes’, which form inside of the heart space or ‘Akene’ (a Lemurian word for ‘core’) and are born of neutral, divine energy (called ‘akeneic’ or sometimes ‘tonal’ energy) within one’s own heart.

Active attributes start internal; they have nothing to do with the outside world and are not born from the realm of matter and duality — quite the opposite, in fact, as they leave one’s merkaba field and travel into the outside world they attach to physical objects and the like with a strongly uplifting, positive effect.

When this happens the other way around, from the outside world in, people give their power away to objects, things, people, places or events, which are often ‘programmed’ or ‘charged’ with a negative type energy field, such as conditional love or conditional joy.

It is their conditional nature that makes these objects ‘passive attributes’. It is the UN-conditional nature of ‘active attributes’ that gives them their creative power.

Although there are only a handful of active attributes with which reality creation happens, they have the power to combine in infinite ways. They are: Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth and Life.

Consciousness works with active attributes while Mind works with passive ones.

Based on this information, it is easy to detect that ‘desire’ would be labeled an emotion and is not counted as part of the feeling realm. Passion would be the active ingredient or active attribute version of desire, born from within the divine being that is you.

When approaching the world from the perspective of active attributes, there is no predestination, no predetermination. Life knows no beginning or end. There are no wants and needs, no desires, only the creative fire of passion that burns in the chest of all Mankind.

A world created and observed from a limited and conditional frame of mind, however, too often comes with suffering that is the result of what I call ‘getting stuck in the pipeline’ of active attribute/ingredient reality creation.

To understand what this means, simply take a situation in your life, such as a manifestation of desire, and ‘put it through the pipeline’ of Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth and Life — in that exact sequence.

Are you getting stuck anywhere?
Are you telling yourself a story?

An honest and neutral approach to this simple exercise will answer many of your questions and it will bring you much-welcome insight into your daily situations.

Ultimately, it brings neutrality, it brings the still pond of the abstract, where the lotus flower unfolds, and this is where pure, raw creation exists, where the feeling realm resides, and where the power of Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth and Life is at its zenith.

Can you feel the liberation and the empowerment that this worldview brings?

You create your reality, whether you are aware of it or not, and when you are not, most of the time you subscribe to what I often label ‘mainstream reality’, ultimately nothing but a holographic program that has been designed and written to put upon its inhabitants certain factors, parameters and programmed limitations that are far from natural when it comes to the wishes of the heart, the sharpness of intelligence and the brightness of the star of consciousness itself.

Best then, to be aware of these things at all times and to take creative charge of one’s situation.

Thank you for your attention, your focus, and your time.

You are Love, and Consciousness Rules!

Kwan Yin

6 thoughts on “The Nature of Desire”

  1. Great question and thank you for the your reply dear Kwan Yin. Conditional attributes keep us wanting more and in the moments that we are filled with unconditional love, or joy for example, there is such a feeling of peace and fulfilment. There is no push-pull as there is with desire but a true feeing of abundance in all ways. Gonna continue to cultivate unconditional love, joy, freedom, truth, and life! Love to us, Orchid <3

  2. Wow, Kwan Yin 🙂 <3, There is so much in this article, which so beautifully and clearly weaves theory and practIcality into a tapestry for rising life and the ascension path, I can't make any singular comment about the content, and so simply say thank you with all of my heart!

    Love, Amber <3

  3. I have learnt that desire is useless. It can never truly be fulfilled while the desire only grows bigger, when trying to fullfil its wish.
    Desire becomes like a gap or a hole, that is empty and cannot be filled, no matter how much of “what desire desires” is being put in it, it becomes like a fuel that only makes the “fire of desire” grow bigger and so creating an even greater gap.

  4. My goodness! Such a blessing this information. I’m so grateful for what you keep bringing to us, dearest Kwan Yin and Rising Team.

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