Initiation, Strength & Family — New Moon in Cancer

Timothy Halloran’s Astrology Forecast
for July 15th, 2015

This Wednesday’s New Moon in Cancer is an initiation for us all to find authentic security within ourselves.

Rites of passage, like that of the butterfly squirming to free itself from the cocoon, often do carry with them periods of struggle.

We should know if ever we feel ourselves in such a period of frustration, depression, loneliness…  ANY period of struggle or pain is in fact an initiation, NOT a punishment.

A New Moon in itself is always a time of death and rebirth. Here we may see old dreams and desires disintegrate before us, or perhaps desires we thought we disintegrated reveal themselves again, but on a deeper level.

There is in the midst of this opportunity to sow a seed of mastery as we are being initiated into embodying our own core strength, to be our own friend, our own teacher, our own parent, our own healer. This means the coming to life of the authentic man and woman. For man his potential is to be strong and unfaltering, accomplishing hard work and yet never losing his gentle nature. For woman her potential is to be deeply sensitive and feeling and yet never lose her wise composure.

Obviously, being the complicated human beings we are, we all need to practice both archetypes and be our own mothers and fathers, nurturing the part of ourself that cries and needs to be held and simultaneously providing for ourselves the firm guidance and resolve that is the foundation of eternal Love and Consciousness.

Due to our limited perspective we cannot always see what misfortunes may become hidden blessings, and God’s cruelty as mysterious humor, but we can trust in our hearts that in our loneliest moments we are never truly alone, our experience reflects the experience of others and therefore we can have empathy for one another.

This New Moon is an initiation to find true soul family; Let’s keep our hearts open to the transformation and we may find ourselves adapting to something better then we initially suspected.

Tim Halloran
Rasa Lila Healing & Astrology

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