Do You Sabotage Your Own Creations?

“Humans do not often start with the premise that well-being is the basis of your life experience.

You constantly hear from others who have forgotten that, and so it is easy for humans to start with the premise that things are going to go wrong unless you wrestle these things to the ground and kill them.

Yet, the reality of it is the other way: things are going to go well unless you do that thing that blocks it off!

Source: Abraham-Hicks

3 thoughts on “Do You Sabotage Your Own Creations?”

  1. This is a gem, indeed! <3 Listening, I was struck by a heart-image-feeling of billions and billions of people living like this! <3 Thank you for posting this, Kwan Yin, Abraham, and Esther Hicks! <3

  2. So uplifting and right on as always! We DO know. The active ingredients of Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, and Life through the pipeline. Our focus. Consistent and continuous. Sometimes the best thing to do is to keep it simple.

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