Chlorine Dioxide & Healing: the Facts

This presentation by Kerri Rivera once and for all eliminates any false stories about Chlorine Dioxide (“CD” or also known as “MMS”) in a lecture that will teach you exactly what chlorine dioxide is all about, how it restores health to the body and mind, and how to use it in safely diluted proportions.

If you have done any online research on the potential healing properties of Chlorine Dioxide — especially if you went looking for information on Jim Humble’s MMS * — you will know of the polarization that is occurring online and has been for years. While many success stories regarding the use of “CD” or “MMS” are to be found, there also seems to be an online “trolling” community hellbent on planting seeds of doubt in people’s minds. These trolls even (dare to) make the claim that Chlorine Dioxide is “bleach”; a statement which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Chlorine Dioxide has been an incredible (almost miraculous) help to restoring health and staying balanced in health for the entire The Rising Way eMagazine team. We have been using it safely for years. Given that “CD” takes care of viruses, bacteria, fungi, candida, heavy metal & general detox, and rebalances the body’s Ph to alkaline, there’s not much that Chlorine Dioxide cannot do!

So that you too can reap the benefits of this amazing healing agent, we are releasing a series of videos by Kerri Rivera, who has healed over 195+ children and adults from autism.

Chlorine Dioxide has been responsible for healing a wide spectrum of dis-ease, from HIV/AIDS, to cancer, to MS, diabetes, and so much more. Because of its specific design, “CD” can be used for situations large and small (we’ve even healed tooth decay with it). It destroys any and all organisms that have a charge of 0.95v or less, which is why it is so effective on so many levels: viruses, bacteria, fungi, and the like, are all charged 0.95v or less. Yet, Chlorine Dioxide cannot hurt the body and its tissues, since our physical body has a charge of 1.28v to 1.30v. This, and much more, is discussed in scientific detail in Kerri Rivera’s video below.

Underneath this video, you can find a summary of Kerri Rivera’s work, as well as links to her website & her book, which you can purchase online but you can also download it for free.

Last but not least, we have included links to our other releases about Chlorine Dioxide on The Rising Way eMagazine, and links to other videos by Kerri Rivera, offering you a chance to continue your research.

You are a sovereign being capable of making your own choices.
Your health is your responsibility and no one else’s.

Chlorine Dioxide puts you back in the driver seat when it comes to your own body, your own mind, and your own well-being.

Kwan Yin

* “MMS” or “Master Mineral Solution” (previously Miracle Mineral Solution) is Jim Humble’s name for the Chlorine Dioxide Solution that is discussed in the video below.

2015 “AutismOne” Conference – Focus for Health
May 23, 2015


Kerri Rivera’s research sees autism as fungi, bacteria, virus, parasites, heavy metals, inflammation & autoimmune issues.

Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidizer which is within the range the body can use without destroying human tissues. Chlorine Dioxide is a selective killer that kills pathogens and helps to restore the Krebs cycle function, giving energy to the body.

She went over some very detailed facts about the chemistry of Chlorine Dioxide and why it works, explaining how Chlorine Dioxide is metabolized to healthy end products that the body actually needs to function.

She detailed the difference between Chlorine Dioxide and bleach, which it has been so ignorantly claimed to be by misleading media reports, as well as how terrible it would be for someone to give anyone laundry bleach internally as it would harm and possible kill them.

Kerri explained how Chlorine Dioxide can be used to detoxify the body by taking a low concentration oral dose. Enemas with Chlorine Dioxide can be added to help the liver, gallbladder and lymph systems flush, as well as kill pathogens.

  • The proper dosing of Chlorine Dioxide is determined by weight and tolerance.
  • Chlorine Dioxide can safely kill bacteria while not developing a resistance to it as is common with antibiotics.
  • Kerri discussed the oxidation process of Chlorine Dioxide and how it is different than a metabolic poison.
  • TCDO, a chlorite derivative, is being used at $6,000/treatment cost but isn’t even as effective as Chlorine Dioxide, which is so cheap it is almost available at no financial expense.
  • Kerri explained how Chlorine Dioxide is used in our drinking water to protect humans from pathogens in the water supply.
  • Chlorine Dioxide can also oxidize heavy metals. Hair analysis has shown a drop in two weeks. Once metals are oxidized they can be expelled by the body.
  • Chlorine Dioxide is not carcinogenic as shown in a 2000 peer reviewed EPA study on Chlorine Dioxide safety. The body needs chlorine/chloride for it to function properly.
  • There are many cited papers showing Chlorine Dioxide is safe to use.
  • In Europe, ALS is being treated with Chlorine Dioxide.

Quantity makes the poison. Kerri discussed a few common things used to help the body that are well-known but in excess would be dangerous. This light hearted discussion shows that something as simple as water can be spun to be made to look bad.

No one should make statements that Chlorine Dioxide is the same as “bleach” because it could endanger the lives of people who might apply this misinformation out of ignorance. She talked about bleach mixing with ammonia which makes a toxic gas. If laundry bleach were taken internally, the ammonia in our bodies would interact and it would be very fatal if not toxic.

The toxicology of Chlorine Dioxide was discussed showing studies that prove it is safe including US government use. An impressively long list of patents describing the use of Chlorine Dioxide were shown, including over-the-counter products.

She explained the difference between a Herxheimer reactions and side effects (such as from drugs). Herxheimer reactions are to be avoided.

Kerri discussed “rope worm” as some call it, as well as other parasites that might be responsible for many of our modern diseases, and indicates that this topic requires further research.

She provided documented information about the drugs/chemicals parasites excrete, including ammonia, morphine and MDA. A few species of parasites use B12. It is common that people experiencing autism have low B12.

Kerri summarized the 7 steps her protocol uses and the synergistic effect that occurs when the steps are done together. There are variable speeds of recovery, and while her son is not fully recovered, the ones who do recover quickly help inspire everyone.

Kerri Rivera ended her talk with the following statement:

“I talked to a friend of mine who is a doctor, and she has helped heal a lot of our kids, and when I was telling her why I do this it’s because I sit and I listen to you parents every day tell me how your kids are recovering.

I watch families send me letters, emails, post things on Facebook, showing that their kids’ ATEC is zero, saying “I now have my child back.”

How can we not tell a story that needs to be told?

So this is my mission, to tell your story. Thank you.”

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  1. Many thanks for this article Kwan Yin. All we can share is our experience and all of us on The Rising Way team who have used MMS (or chlorine dioxide) for a vast array of symptoms have experienced a positive outcome for literally pennies a day. From my perspective, it feels extremely important that each of us take responsibility for educating ourselves about our health. When we do this, then we are in the driver’s seat. This requires ‘doing our homework.’ It is well worth the effort! Love, Orchid

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