Letting Go of False Security — Taurus Full Moon

Timothy Halloran’s Astrology Forecast
for October 27th, 2015

Today’s Full Moon in Taurus is illuminating our basic sense of security or lack thereof.

With Venus and Mars having passed Jupiter and now standing opposite to Chiron in Pisces our collective wounds are being exposed and we may find ourselves still within the process of healing, still searching for that sense of fundamental security, a trust in our environment and our own selves.

Taurus brings the capability to be totally self-reliant through a type of inner confidence that at its highest octave is a deep inner feeling of connection; Connection to the divine merely by being.

Indeed Taurus ruling all sensuality is not limited to shallow and purposeless self-gratification, it is a means of connecting to the Earth through feeling, it is the means of feeling secure by the sensation of the ground under our feet, smelling the fragrance of the trees and reminding us of our primordial history.

With Venus and Mars conjoining in Virgo we see the attempted healing and merging of the feminine/masculine. Both men and women are awakening to the fact that is really is not “a man’s world” it’s been a lost and confused man’s world.

We are realizing that the way culture and society has been shaping us and encouraging us has actually steered us away from Nature and away from using our senses properly.

We’ve been conditioned to eat food and be distracted by external stimuli that conditions us to tune out or subtle-senses and therefore perceive the world in an extremely lifeless and limited way. Our nature has been repressed.

As the divine-feminine awakens and reclaims her power within us all she is throwing off any and all things that resemble that old chains of her past repression.

We have the choice to heal ourselves and let go of what distractions mislead us into a box or we can cling onto them as they go away anyways kicking and screaming.

As the divine-feminine within us all reclaims her power we are awakening old channels in our being; Our deeper senses and connection to the Earth, that like old muscles that haven’t been used in awhile will take a good deal of getting used to and breaking in.

As our false-idols and distractions get taken from us we may feel a temporary sense of emptiness…

Really it is us simply moving the debri so what is simple and natural can effortlessly flow in…

We are love, we are made of love, everything is love. We don’t have to believe anything, we don’t have to accomplish anything; All we are doing is removing the debri so the love can effortlessly flow in.

We can all do as the Buddha did; Simply sit beneath a tree and breathe.

Tim Halloran
Rasa Lila Healing & Astrology

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  1. Well, Timothy is spot on again! He is articulate and compassionate as he addresses us collectively, speaking of patterns that have been playing out for a long long time. Which we now have the opportunity to heal. The universe responds to us and what we are putting out. We all have an opportunity for monumental transformation. Don’t miss this talk–it’s a great one!

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