Feminine Awakening: Our New Inner Values & Subtle Senses

Timothy Halloran’s Astrology Forecast
for November 3 to November 9, 2015

We may find ourselves adorning the mystical expression of the stoic with Jupiter opposing Chiron in this next period of time.

Indeed, if we can separate ourselves enough from the distractions of culture and mundane life we might take the opportunity to submerge into the profound activity sweeping through the depths of our being.

We are shifting into a period of collective healing as this next week see’s the shifting of the karmic axis (Moon’s nodes) into the miraculous and medicinal reverberation between Pisces and Virgo.

The week begins with Mercury’s entrance into Scorpio taking our minds down into a deep and penetrative space. He then moves into trine with Neptune by Friday making our minds all the more sensitive and profound.

Venus enters Libra on Sunday and also getting an “evolutionary pass” from the Moon’s north node at 0°. This is essentially the culmination and completion of the Moon’s nodal transit through the Aries/Libra axis that has been ongoing throughout the last year and a half, resolving issues having to do with inner vs. outer, self vs. other, resolving our balance between creative interacting with others and respecting our own independence and self-autonomy.

Relationships are shifting and changing as the divine feminine within us all greets us and requests our reverence and protection after so many years of disregard. She is our own deeper inner-values, sensitivities and truths that have became wounded throughout human history due to misunderstanding; But healing is happening now. As our own emotions, sensitivities and subtle feelings becomes re-awakened (feminine principals) so do all the old stories and memories of what caused their initial suppression in the first place.

The telling/sharing/feeling of such stories is the much needed healing factually taking place. Now is the time to remove all obstacles, interferences and relationships that do not reflect back to us our own deepest values. Instead let us create friendships and communities that honor our own healing process and oftentimes murky and complicated issues.

We cannot use our subtle senses while they are clogged with everything we choose to ignore. This is a time where we may need to do some “carving out” in terms of surrendering to what uncomfortable things or feelings may need to be felt and pointed out.

Fortunately for us the next sixteen months will focus on cleaning up, clearing out and improving. We may find ourselves healthily rewarded once we admit where we need help and what still needs fixing.

Tim Halloran
Rasa Lila Healing & Astrology

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  1. Timothy, with sensitivity and compassion, offers his insights for us to ponder during these times of great change. This month, as usual, his message goes straight to the Heart! Very much worth the listen.

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