New Moon in Scorpio — Become the Power of Transformation & Evolve

Timothy Halloran’s Astrology Forecast
for November 11, 2015

Today’s New Moon in Scorpio is an initiation into healing and an invitation for us to transform ourselves in a deep and meaningful way.

With Venus and Mars on the Moon’s north node of fate at the time of this new Moon and on the day the karmic axis (Moon’s nodes) switch signs there is some very powerful symbolism suggesting the drastic “change of fate” that is currently sweeping the collective awakening men and women all over the globe.

With Venus in Libra the divine feminine is taking back her power by opening herself up and sharing herself with others communicating, expressing and writing in ways that allow her to conceptually understand herself better (through balance).

With Mars passing the Moon’s north node in Virgo and then entering Libra tomorrow the divine masculine is taking his power back through purification, exposing the actions habits and behaviors that do not fit his deeper truth or rever his deeper ideals.

Now is the opportunity for us to accept and surrender to the calling for change.

This New Moon forms a powerful yod formation between Jupiter and Uranus at the apex. Forceful and challenging situations are squeezing us, pushing and pulling us into new shape and form as we are challenged to integrate our mysterious and complex experiences and feelings with our goals and ideals.

With Saturn forming an exact square with Neptune in a couple weeks that will remain active through the next year we are being challenged to change our fundamental beliefs through having our false notions exposed. This New Moon is therefore opportunity for us to harness and claim our true power by surrendering to what we do not know.

By stepping into what is outside our comfort zones we find ourself mastering new frontiers and achieving new capabilities.

As Venus comes into a square with Pluto and opposes Uranus the weekend of the 28th we can anticipate our core values will be challenged to update themselves to new standards; The ongoing theme of relationships transforming in affect of our changing inner-values continues but we are now coursing the new direction and new steps are being paved. Important critical decisions and penetrative insight into deep and karmic issues are being delved into and investigated by the Sun and Mercury combust next week in Scorpio.

This period is one of the major shifts that will be carrying us for quite a few years to come, so let us not discount it.

Through submerging into our deepest feelings at this time and putting the distractions on the back-burner while we are served a heaping dose of reality we can come to terms with what we are; Ever transforming self-improving evolutionary beings.

Every human being is inherently a shaman. We come here to heal ourselves, eachother and this planet by coming into contact with reality and then transforming it with our conscious-awareness: True magic.

So let us be unbashful and unafraid to be true magicians as we unleash our healing power onto the world.

Tim Halloran
Rasa Lila Healing & Astrology

4 thoughts on “New Moon in Scorpio — Become the Power of Transformation & Evolve”

  1. Thank you, kwan yin, for this video of timothy halloran. He has answered my question about the new portal of 11 November. Love, Yoni

    1. Hi dear Yoni,

      You are very welcome, I am happy that the video was helpful.
      Yes, we certainly are in a very powerful portal at the moment, which is pushing all of us into the next level of our expansion. Sublime!

      Kwan Yin

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