The Flowering of the Universal Heart

Today, this moment, holds within it a lotus flower seed.

When you choose to let that seed grow and flower, you will notice a space of love, a song of infinite love, opening up within your heart.

With that love, you are invited to love everything around you and inside of you, everything that you are, including your physical body vessel, which is ultimately a manifestation of the geometry and magnetic energies that flow into physical reality from the torus field and the merkaba that is part of who you are.

Now that tonal reality – tonality – is emerging within our souls and our selves and in the world that we manifest around us, as we take responsibility for all that we are, you might find the invitation within yourself to let the infinite love of the lotus flower seed extend to your physical body vessel as well.

Lotus Flower and Glowing Akene

Take care of it, love it, and you are sending a message to all that is manifest around you and within you to do the same.

That way, the lotus flower that is your heart, becomes the world, blossoms into the galaxy, and flowers into the universe.

I love who you are.

I love who you are becoming.

I love the universe that you have always been.


I love you.

Kwan Yin

ps. Here’s a gift from the Universe that You Are:

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  1. This is so beautiful, thank you, I’m so grateful for what we are co- creating, an! Stuff magic and miracles are made of?❤️

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