Keys to Creation

In our quest for learning, expanding, and refining in order to navigate and create reality, we might have forgotten that we have been in situations in which we have created reality with such conviction that what we wanted to create simply manifested right in front of us.

What seemed impossible became possible anyway.

There might have been such a dire need for help, or such a deep wish that this trembled in every fibre of our being.

There was no room for doubt, so no distracting, disturbing thoughts could connect to us.

The sound of our inner being’s trembling, so to speak, could pour out of us clear as a bell… and thus reality unfolded as we intended or even beyond our boldest imagination.

In looking back at some of these situations, we actually might find a key to this powerful way of creation, of instant manifestation, as I am sure everyone reading this has experienced. 

Of course, we have been assisted by Ascended Life and ‘future’ versions of ourselves countless times. This is how things work for consciousness pioneers and those on this Earth that choose to devote their entire heart & will to ascension.

Life, and our way of living it, is magical… It has to be, or ascension cannot be our chosen reality.

This ‘magic’ is our creation as well, because we are able to believe it. In these situations, we are so clear in what we send out – all particles of self are aligned – and thus there is alignment with the universe.

Everything is one and everything is possible, as long as we are able to believe it into existence.

The keys we find might be unique to everyone.  Connecting to the creation with all that you are, being able to hold your full focus with all three kakras – head, heart, and belly – will activate the manifestation of your creation to pour out of you.

A strong conviction is part of making it real.  For if what you want to create is a certainty before you can see it in your reality, you just keep going; you just keep creating until it manifests. All of your presence is focused in the now and on what you can do to make it happen until it is done.

Another key for me, personally, is choosing to feel very alive. This, too, makes all the sense in the world. When you are so present in the now, you automatically fully align with it. You embrace what is; you become it. Thus, lifeforce can flow freely; you do not add any friction to prevent this.

If we look upon our realities as the particles that they truly are, it becomes even more obvious. All particles are in harmony with each other because there is harmony in the observer’s (your) core.

This is when your Ascending Self thrives and fully inhabits the Merkaba.

I am sure that we have all been there and that each and every one of us has seen and experienced that we truly are powerful creators.

It deeply dawns on me that when one would inhabit this space at all times, the path – all of reality – would change tremendously as it transforms and expands into ever increasing bliss.

Just think about it! We know how to do it all the time. We just don’t do it, or better yet, be it, at all times.

We just don’t apply it with consistency and continuity. In my opinion, that’s where most of us go wrong. It is also my conclusion, after my many private conversations with Kwan Yin and the rest of Ascended Life, that this is their opinion as well. We have been suffering from the built-in, mental tendency to power something up and don’t allow it to reach its full potential, like half inflating a balloon and then giving up as our attention and focus drifts away.

If you think about this, it is rather peculiar that we do not always choose for what we know works, as we have proven to ourselves many times over the years that it does, and that we allow ourselves to fall into the lull of prescribed reality over and over again.

It’s strange that we don’t work harder to keep the upward spiral going, to keep expanding. Especially given what we know.

When we are in that magical space, in which our Ascending Self is doing the driving, when we continue to work with the active ingredients, continue to pour our Ascending essence into the Merkaba, and actively keep the upward spiral going, we are in alignment – lifeforce can flow freely through and from us.

Then, we are in tonal space, as Ascended Life has called it.

As soon as we stop this expansion because we distract ourselves with what we are not, the lifeforce diminishes. The strong presence of our ascending self stops flourishing and we give way to our patterning and to thoughts that take us further away from the truth. We allow ourselves to drift with prescribed reality and once again re-enter that world, that reality sphere, where everything is fixed, where there is no magic, where miracles don’t happen.

Since 2006, Ascended Life has spoken about either being in the heart space or not. To be or not to be in the heart… It is all or nothing. The slightest thought pulls us off the vector quickly, all we have to do is to allow it to. We have to be vigilant, honest and thorough. 

By now, there is too much knowingness within us to allow ourselves to fully go to a negative space. I do believe that to be a fact.

By now, we do hold the belief that what we are feeling in this space cannot be true since it is far from Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth & Life.

By now, we know our patterns and we know what to look out for.

By now, we know enough to not fool ourselves and bury our head in the sand, like mental ostriches. We owe our soul more than that, having traveled the path of ascension for as long as we have, under our soul’s guidance.

The Flower of Life geometry or ‘grid’ being active within and around us, as She replaced our inner meridians and our outer lay line systems, immediately takes care of every mistake as every ‘dent’ is instantly repaired. Its geometry takes the most disharmonious elements of old energy existence and turns them into an even higher potential. To hear more about this, watch The Flower of Life Awakens.

From my perspective, all of what has happened in the last years – and all that continues to happen in the next years to come – has created a plateau, a level, that we do not sink below anymore. Trusting this will lift us even higher. We can change our perspectives of self and boldly continue to expand.

It has also created a responsibility: There truly are no excuses left to continue to allow a drop in awareness to happen, even less so for allowing this to last when we recognise it. More often than not – deep within – we know when this is happening and all it takes to change it into an upward spiral or an ascending vector once again is a choice, a moment between heartbeats, a thought of our own creation and choosing, a movement from the inside out.

This is the time for the Ascending Self to continue to rise and for us to become the creators that we are at all times.

This is the time for us to always be in charge of our Merkaba and to create magic together as we combine our efforts into infinite expansion.

In Lorien’s words:

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ps. Visit this page on YouTube to watch Lorien’s The White Bridge

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  1. HI dearest Amy It was a true pleasure to read your article! So spot on! I know we’ve said it dozens of times, but something I remind myself consistently…. is that consistency and continuity are so important. It’s in the details, I’m learning more each day. It’s often seemingly ‘little things’ that can change the energy, in a positive or what we would call negative direction. Have found that I can’t ‘get this’ from a mental perspective as that leads to at least for me, rigidity for example. Staying in the heartspace, constantly observing self and making alterations when necessary. Gently. Thank you again. Love you xxx

    1. Hi dear Orchid and Merya, thank you for your beautiful responses. And yes, it truly is about every breath… We’ll get there! I am so glad to be sharing the journey together. Much love, Amy

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