Making Ascension Real in 2016 & Beyond

This is an interview by LOST KNOWLEDGE RADIO, featuring Kwan Yin of the, presented by Debbie West & Michael Hathaway.


In 50 minutes, Debbie & Michael interview Kwan Yin on the following topics:

How does ascension happen? * 2016 & beyond * What is ascension? * the truth about ley lines * Lemuria * the Flower of Life * the Saturn matrix * hijacking of consciousness * the Venus/Jupiter alignment * moving from disclosure to ascension * the lies of the mental matrix * universal consciousness philosophy * creating reality * the Merkaba & Merkava fields * Egypt * the media * the vatican * What is life really all about? * the chakra and kakra systems * lifeforce energy * the tonal universe * the torus field * the rebirthing of Lemurian energy on Earth * the fall of Atlantis * the true meaning of responsibility * archetypes and belief systems * our descent into matter * the holographic nature of the universe * our cosmic aspects * ascended senses *

What is ascension all about & what can it mean for you? How do we make metaphysics real? How did we end up in these human bodies? How do we remove limitations? How do we create real community? And… how do we truly choose for love?

All of this, and more, in this first & rocking interview of Kwan Yin on Lost Knowledge Radio.

One thought on “Making Ascension Real in 2016 & Beyond”

  1. Thank you for doing this interview dear Kwan Yin. Debbie and Michael were great hosts. The three of you shared the same heart space. Good questions and interactions and the topics covered were very pertinent to the times we are currently living in. It’s a gem of an interview with many more to come I’m sure! I believe a second interview is in the works in the very near future….. Can’t wait! Love, Orchid

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