Mastering the Grand Illusions (full series)


Created in 14 parts, released in the year 2007, by timeless and ascended beings, such as Ekara the Lemurian, Adamus St.-Germain, Kuthumi lal Singh, and Satya of the Pleiades, the Imzaia flagship series Mastering the Grand Illusions has now been put together for you in a convenient playlist that allows you to watch all 14 episodes in a row!

Mastering the Grand Illusions is a difficult series to summarise, simply because of the huge amount of topics that are discussed.

In essence, the series is a must watch for serious ascension students and explorers of metaphysics.

Concepts such as the grand illusions of form, time, space, exchange, death, and separation, are discussed in great detail.

The nature of reality itself – the meaning of life – is the core around which these ascended beings will share the story of creation with you in a way that has never been done before.

If you find that, while watching Mastering the Grand Illusions, questions or comments arise within you, I invite you to post them below, or to email them to

Enjoy mastering your grand illusions!

Kwan Yin

One thought on “Mastering the Grand Illusions (full series)”

  1. If you have not watched this series yet, I would certainly say go for it! It is truly a foundational piece of the Imzaia work. It’s full of information vital to understanding the personal ascension process. There are lectures, Q & As, discussions, love, laugher, and tears. It’s full of precious moments. And material very much worth committed study from the perspective of a serious student of ascension. A huge gift to us from Ascended Life.
    Enjoy it! With much love, Orchid

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