Making Metaphysics Real

The concept and practice of personal ‘ascension’ has been around since time began. Geographic areas such as Tibet, Nepal, China, and innumerable locations around the world still show signs of evidence — not only in the form of myths, but actual hard proof — that in many cases, individuals have developed so-called superhuman abilities based on practices that are universal, give or take some slight cultural and temporal differences along the way.

In the East, for instance, there is physical evidence of temples that were built to operate as ‘ascension centres,’ where monks, both male and female, hoped to achieve a state of ‘rainbow body’ or ‘light body’ in an attempt to reunite with the fullness and totality of their cosmic consciousness, often referred to as a state of reaching ‘cosmic mastery.’ This desire and practice is both personal and global, as one’s own evolution benefits the whole.

In one of these centres in particular, there is evidence of more than 160,000 people having ‘ascended’ by reaching the ‘rainbow body state.’ Our team will publish more information about this soon.

Articles and other releases on this website, The Rising Way, will provide you evidence of this achievement. As this knowledge portal grows, our editorial team will compile the data in a comprehensive way, which will please the senses and, above all, will be practical and accessible. It is The Rising Way’s intent that the information you find here will allow you to start –or continue– on the path of your own personal ascension if this is what you are seeking.

Awakening to the Truth

Although the concept has largely fallen out of style in our modern culture, the idea and practice of personal ascension has been around forever. Usually seen as a very individual and very private process throughout time, these days religions have claimed that their way is the way to go and have firmly wedged themselves between the individual and the divine. This is simply how things are these days, at least in most people’s minds.

There is, however, an awakening that has been ongoing for a while now. It was born at the beginning of the 20th Century, with growth spurts here and there, such as the Sixties and more recently, the period leading up to and following the infamous 2012 marker. An ever growing segment of the human population is beginning to acknowledge the delusion of religion and many are very clear that individuals are capable of reaching this state of ascension or cosmic mastery. This ever increasing group of people believes that personal ascension is possible through intense –but joyful– personal work and growth.

Your presence on this website might just be a random happenstance, an event that will be over in a few minutes and one that you will simply forget about as you move on to the rest of your day or night.

However, you might also be here, reading these words, because you feel that their calling and their truth resounds within you in a place too deep for words or thoughts to reach. If that is the case, the team behind The Rising Way warmly invites you to explore these pages that will be ever growing to befit your ever expanding understanding and ascension in a practical way.

Making Ascension Real

As the site grows, we will be offering free articles, videos, podcasts, meditations, and other information, while also providing you with a Subscriber Section where you will find discussion groups, blogs, special video and audio releases and much more, depending on your own needs and requests. We will also offer a webshop, Books & Buddhas, where you can find special items such as e-books, music and more. Over time, we will offer tickets to online (pre-recorded) events and unique, in-person events across the globe, as our schedule aligns with the growth of this website’s audience.

This site is the shared, continued creation of a team of people from all over the world who, each in their own way, are studying the notion of ascension in a practical fashion and have dedicated their lives to its exploration. We are one of several teams around the world doing this work and truly hope that you will create your own communities and connections in your own locations so that, ultimately, we will all become one geometric, holographic network on Earth, offering this timeless option to all those who are interested.

On this site and in its Subscriber Section, you will find timeless information offered throughout the eons by countless master teachers and many others that have walked the path that you are on now, that have gone before you and are here to teach and inspire you on your journey.

Our editorial teams and specialists will link this knowledge to current cutting edge science that is slowly on its way to becoming accepted by an ever expanding group of innovators in the scientific community. It is our hope that, in this way, you don’t just learn that ascension is possible but also how it actually works.

This site is guided by many of these teachers and individuals (and certain groups of conscious beings) that have achieved the ascended state throughout space and time. You will come to discover and get to know them on a personal level.

We hope you will enjoy your exploration and if you so choose, your path to achieving ascension. Never forget that the work you are doing on yourself, you are doing for all, and for Earth, as we are all one unified field of consciousness when it is all said and done.

The Rising Way

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